At Your Feet

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Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



You may have two legs but it has four, leaping gracefully over the fallen corpses of giants in the pre-dawn light. Your stumbling gait only barely manages to keep you out of its grasp. But even you know that it is only playing with you, circling back to give you more ground, hesitating as if it has forgotten where you are among the rising dust in the spaces between life and death. You are already caught prey and struggle is futile. But you run on anyway, telling yourself you have a chance in this never-ending game.

It’s playing with you, pretending it needs time to catch its breath, time to find you again in the silent, rotting forest. It nips at your ankles, your fingers. When you stop to gasp for breath it wraps its jaws around your ankle, throat, wrist, anything, and squeezes. You run, shaking it off, tasting blood, feeling lost. Until finally, finally, the sun rises, and it leaves you. You only have a few hours to rest until the creature comes back. You fall back, panting, wondering if you'll survive the next time.

You wake up to claws pulling off the flesh on your arm, teeth gnawing through your shoulder. You stay there for a moment, questioning the purpose of fighting it. Then, shaking it off, you get back up and run as though death was nipping at your feet. And it really is.


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