A Serious Conversation between Two Teenage Friends

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The story is about two classmates who are good friends as well. Besides himself, Sidhartha’s family consists of mother and father. His is an upper middle class family, and all the members have good
bonding with each other. Trishala’s family consists of father and grandmother, besides herself. When she comes to know that she is born of a traditional surrogate mother, who has forfeited her
right to be the real mother, she becomes quite upset. She has intense desire to meet her mother, who lives in California (USA). She goes there to meet her. The story goes on ………

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



Part 1 -

A silver gray SUV stops in front of the main gate of Bryon International School at 7.30 AM and a chauffeur opens the door for Trishlala to come out as the school is just going to start. Just at the same, a school rickshaw stops near the car and Siddhartha gets down from it, who notices Trishala coming out of the car. They both smile at each other and enter the school together as they are in the same class. 

Trishala Sharma is the only daughter of a high profile businessman, settled at New Delhi. Siddhartha Chopra is the son of vice president of a MNC, stationed in New Delhi also. They both study in 9th class. They have been together since beginning in spite of some reshuffles. That is why they have good rapport with each other.

Siddhartha asks: “Hi Trish, you have been absent for three days. What was the matter?”

She replies: “Sid, I was down with high fever. Now I am OK.”

Sid says: “Your Mom might have been quite upset. When I am unwell, my Mom works herself into a state of panic. So, I pray to Lord Ganesha to make me well soon so that my Mom is no more in panic.”

She says: “But Sid I have no Mom; in fact, I have never seen her. My grandmother looks after me all the time. My grandmother is brave; she doesn’t get upset when I fall ill.”

By now they reach their classroom. After keeping their bags at respective places, they go to assemble for the prayer.

The knowledge that Trish doesn’t have Mom upsets him as he didn’t know this fact about his good friend. But he decides that he would ask her more about it at an opportune time.

There is a modish eating joint in Greater Kailash, which is quite popular among youngsters where they gather to relish their favorite food items in the company of their friends. They have their gastronomic pleasures along with jokes that they crack with each other. It is mostly frequented by youngsters, who have nicknamed the place as Yungistan.  

Once Sid asks Trish that they have some coffee at Yungistan and both agree for coming Saturday at 6.00 PM. After arriving there, they begin chitchatting about general events. Suddenly, it strikes Sid that this is an opportune moment to ask his friend about her Mom.

When he asks her about it, initially she tries to avoid but on polite insistence with an assurance that he will keep it to himself, she says: “Sid, my father never got married but I was born as result of traditional surrogacy.”

Sid exclaimed his surprise, not understanding a thing: “What is traditional surrogacy? I don’t understand anything!”  

Trish replies jokingly: “You duffer, you only come out consistently on the top in the class but your general knowledge is poor.”

Sid expresses innocence: “Really, Trish, I have no idea what traditional surrogacy is. I need to be enlightened on it.” 

She explains: “In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother donates her egg and is artificially inseminated by the intended father. She carries the baby, delivers it and then gives to the intended father, forfeiting her rights of a mother. In fact, the traditional surrogate mother is the baby’s biological mother because it’s her egg, which is fertilized by the intended father’s sperm.”

Sid kept quiet for some time and said: “Trish isn’t it quirky? Your father should have married someone, if he desired to have a child.”

Trish says: “Sid, I did ask my father the same a couple of time but he always parried the question. I even pestered my grandmother with same question to find out but had no success. After that I stopped asking them.”

She continues: “Once my grandmother was in a good mood and told me that I was born as a result of traditional surrogacy. She explained all about it. She also told that the surrogate mother, who donated her egg, lives in San Francisco, California (USA), who happens to be a NRI staying there for more than 25 years.”

Sid asks her: “Trish, this is done often in India. Why did he have to go to California for this?”

She says: “This is illegal in India. Only gestational surrogacy is legal, in which the surrogate mother carries and delivers the baby for another couple because the intended mother is unable to do so. Such a surrogate mother has no biological link with the baby, whereas a traditional surrogate mother has.”

Sid has enough of it today and requests her: “Trish lets us go as you have boggled my mind with all this information.”

They both get up to leave and Trish says: “It’s a bit late too; my chauffer is waiting with the car outside; I can drop you anywhere you want.”

Sid thanks her for the offer and sees her to the car, saying: “I will like to walk; my home is only 20 minutes’ walk. Some exercise will help clear up haze of confusion in my mind.”

Part 2 -

Life goes on as usual for both. Sid didn’t mention to anybody what all was revealed to him in the conversation that day, as he had promised Trish to keep it secret. After a lapse of more than a fortnight, they meet again at Yungistan over a cup of coffee and snacks.

After talking about some trivia, Trisha says: “I am so pleased that you haven’t told anything to anybody, which I revealed in our last meeting here. I have always liked you for your honesty and seriousness.”

Sid replies: “Trisha, you can depend on me for anything.”

Trisha continues: “Sid, since I came to know that my surrogate mother lives In California, I had a strong desire to meet her. One way or another, I could convince my grandmother that we both should visit her. And we visited her last year. The moment I saw her, I instantly developed emotional bonding with her as if she is my real mother. In fact, she is my real mother though she has forfeited her rights. Her name is Prescilla Singh and she is quite a good-looker.”  

She continues further: “Sid, we stayed in California for about a fortnight and I had a couple of occasions when I had heart-to-heart talk with Mom - I had started calling her so. She told me that my father and she were classmates in school and studied together till class 12th, after which her family migrated to USA. She also told me secretly that she had a crush on my father, which didn’t meet a response from him. But they remained good friends throughout and remained in contact even after our migration. So, one day all of a sudden, when he requested me to be the traditional surrogate mother for his baby, I happily accepted it. But he took a promise that I would have to forfeit my rights to be the real mother. Since I loved him so much, I willingly accepted it too.”

Trish became emotional narrating all this. It took some time before she could continue further: “Sid, after listening to all this, my respect and love for my Mom increased manifold as she has sacrificed so much because she loved my father. Sid, I miss my Mom so much. However, I long to be with her, though I love my father and grandmother too much.”

Sid listens intently as she continues: “After we came back from California, I could find a change in the attitude of my father towards our renewed relationship of mother and daughter. I plan to go to USA to study after completion of 12th so that I could be near my Mom. I will have to convince my father for it.”

Sid replies: “Trish, I really understand your emotions towards your Mom but you should also try to understand that your father didn’t want to marry for his own reasons, which you should respect unquestioningly. You will have to make him understand your perception in order to convince him to support your decision of studying in USA.”

Trish says: “Sid, I have always liked your views that are wise as well as practical.”

They both leave the place to go home. Both these meetings make them wiser about the realities of life.

After completion of 10th class, they opt for different streams of study as Sid wants to become an engineer and Trish wants to specialize in Sociology. Notwithstanding the difference of streams of study, they remain good friends. They meet often in and outside school. Their friendship is based on mutual trust to the extent that they share their secrets with each other.

The results of class 12th Board Exams show that as usual Sid comes out on the top in the school and Trish passes with good grades. They are happy because they are on their way to realizing their dreams. They again meet at Yungistan to celebrate their great success at Board Exams.

Trisha informs: “Sid, my dream of specializing in Sociology in USA is about to be fulfilled as I have been able to convince my father. I am really so lucky!”

Sid says: “My chances of getting admission into a top class engineering college are quite bright because of very good grades but I have to prepare seriously for competition.”

He advises: “Trisha, a relationship based on mutual trust always lasts despite upheavals. My friendly advice is that never outweigh your relationships with your Mom against that with your father or grandmother because all relationships are different in many respects. You should sustain relationships with mutual trust irrespective of their peculiarities.”

Trish say: “Thanks Sid the Sage. I will keep in mind.”

They enjoy their favorite food and have a great time talking about things of the past and their future plans. They leave the place promising each other that they will always be good friends and stay in touch which part of the world they may be.

Today Sid accepts Trisha’s offer to drop him at his home.



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