Velocity Current

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Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



When heartache comes around

I move faster

than the speed of sound.

To get to you.

When there's no one left to scare

or old memories you long to share.

You find yourself

wishing I'd been there.

The present holds the future.

A new beginning of the end.

My bleeding heart in need of nurture

before the end times begin.

There's not a soul in this dark hole.

Not a shred of life is found.

I am the traveler

with a message to be told .

I am a glimmer in the night

moving faster than the sound ..

Of you crying.

Indigo tears like a waterfall.

If the sadness posses you

may the heavens help us all .

I am born in lunar shadow

I hide from love

to protect my heart.

Holding tight to daydreams

before the truth falls apart.

I need a glimpse of light.

To shine courage in my dreadful fright.

An elevation by gentle hands

to portray me above the ground.

When the silence surrenders

I'll disappear in the speed of sound.

Bring me the stars

to leave alone the dark.

They are a lure to my eyes

they are a devastation

lieng with surprise.

Past the reach

beyond the mission .

An angel face in mint condition.

Always bold I am never down .

My memories erased

In the speed of sound.

Can anybody hear me ?

I just want to be me .

Let me out

I won't give in.

Send me true love.

Lend me a hand.

Pause the rain.

Hault the wind.

Pull me out

of this hole ..

that I'm in.

As the heat of love

surges and bounds

I long to escape

in the speed of sound ..

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