The life that i never wanted

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Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



Walking in the rain, She was cold and a guy came there, Holding her hands tightly, he whispered in her ears, “Don’t worry. I’m here for you”. She looked into his eyes closely as he leaned down to cover her with his sweater. His eyes were dreamy. He looked beautiful even in the dark.  As the moonlight shattered, She thought ‘He’s my prince charming’. As she closed her eyes, he disappeared.


“Emma, Wake up. It’s getting late for college. Get up!!.” , Hannah screamed.

“What…. Oh my god, It’s a dream!!!.” , Emma cried, “ I thought that was real!.”.

“what dream?.. Oh, Please don’t tell that it’s the same dream!.” , Said Hannah.

“Yes, The same dream that came last night.. The same night… I’ve watched that guy holding my hands…. And…”, As she was saying Britney Continued.

“And telling you “Don’t worry. I’m here for you” right?… Oh, Come on we got a college to catch up. Now get your ass off the bed and get ready!. We’re leaving in 15 minutes!” , Said Britney.



Emma Bethovan is a girl from a rich family. Bethovan’s family are kind of strange people, Except Emma. Although she has a palace to live she decided to live with her friends. She always wanted a normal life like her friends. Britney and Hannah are her two best friends.


Britney’s a great dancer and Hannah is an intelligent girl. These Three girls are best friends since childhood. Although Emma had almost everything in his family, She loved her friends. Emma’s great singer and a very charming girl.


After 30 minutes’ They reached the college. The college principal was conducting a science expo that day. For that, So many college students came there.


“I hate these science stuffs!”, cried Britney.

“Don’t talk like that in front of me. Remember, I’m this college’s Science expo’s leader!.”, Exclaimed Hannah.

“I don’t care, Ms.Scientist Hannah. I just hate this!.”, Said Britney.

“Hi Emma , Can I Uh… Talk to you for a sec?”, Asked Eddie.

“Hi.. Umm.. I’m sorry Eddie. I’m actually late for the class.. So.. Umm.. See ya later!”, Said Emma and ran for the class.

“Okay…. Yeah.. See ya later….”, Sighed Eddie.


Eddie's a friend of Emma.


After class in cafeteria…..

“So, Emma. Why don’t you go and visit your family this weekend?”, Asked Hannah.

“Umm.. Sorry, I have some plans. And I don’t wanna see my family.”, Said Emma.

“Why not???”, Exclaimed Britney.

“Listen, I told you two not to talk about my family. And did I not made clear that I don’t wanna see them?!”, Said Emma.

“But why don’t you wanna see them, Emma?. Your mom called me last night. And, She’s really worried about you!!.”, Said Britney.

“You don’t know anything about my parents!”, said Emma.

“Okay, So tell us!!.”, Said Hannah.

“Okay. Listen, When I lived with my parents they will celebrate my birthday so grand. And they’ll invite every one of my relatives and all the celebrities they know. Like that, In my Fifteenth birthday they threw a party.

And just like every year all my relatives came there. I invited my best friend. She came there with her parents. And that’s where everything went wrong.”, Said Emma.

“What happened?!”, Asked Britney.

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