A Confusing love story part 2

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This story is about a Boy, who is a little bit non-social. Who fell in love with a sweet blond girl, he didn't know how to really get his feeling shown to her, but he found a way to ask her....

You'll have to read the story to see what happens, and what she replies.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



Previously on my story, A Confusing Love Story.

This story begins with a tall guy,

he has dark brown hair, his eyes are a brownish green,

he loves listening to music, and designing.

He uses music and his drawings, as an escape from his stress, and worries.

He doesn't really know how to express his feelings in other ways than, putting them down on paper either as a story or a drawing, surprise!

The story is about me.

Hi my name is Leon, and this is the story about a confusing love.

We met some time in October, her name is Sisse.

Leon: "Why are you even mad about me trying to forget the love i feel for you?"

Sisse: "What if... WHAT IF I REALLY DO LIKE YOU, STUPID ??!!"

Leon: "If you really like me you could show it before it's too late, besides nothing worked on making me forget my love for you, so you're lucky at that part"

Leon: "Well I love you!, and as far as i know, nothing can change that so far!"

Sisse: "I....I..I love you too."

Last story ended here.

This one begins here.

After some more time of just being friends, I noticed i fell even more in love with her, it got so serious that i was sad in school and at home because i didn't know how to ask her.

So I had been thinking about it for a long time. One day I thought, to myself I can ask her now. But since I'm a really shy and nervous person, I tend to overthink things.

Sadly I was never able to get the words, (Do you want to be my girlfriend?) out of my mouth. No matter how hard i tried my mouth stops moving.

Because of my problems i turned to a lady i knew from an art gallery. I thought since she's married she would maybe know what to do, if I couldn't get the words out of my mouth.

We'll just call her A, for security reasons, anyways the conversation went like this.

Leon: "Hello there A."

A: "HI Leo!!"

Leon: "Hey A can I ask you something ?...."

A: "Sure thing ask away buddy"

Leon: "Well there's this girl I'm in love with, and I've been in love with her for a long time now"

A: "Go on :3?"

Leon: "Whenever i feel ready to ask her, you know... My mouth won't move I don't know why, I'm probably too shy and nervous, but i don't want to ask her over the phone, I was raised better than that. So what should i do??"

A: "Well you are clearly nervous and shy ^_^, but don't worry i think i have a solution for you, I've watched your art gallery for a while, and i think you should try to, draw your feelings, and show it to her?"

Leon: "You know what?;, I think that might be my solution, Thank you soo much A!!"

A: "No problem bud. Good luck with the drawing and what happens after ^_^"

Not long after the conversation i sadly got sick, but it was great for getting some time, to draw.

So I began drawing what I felt. So I could get it done, by the time I start in school again/when I wasn't sick anymore.

It took me two weeks, before I began feeling better, and got done with my drawing.

So when I got done with the drawing, I decided to write a hand written letter on the back, telling her every bit of my feelings for her, and an explanation why I couldn't say it to her face. She understood, but for me the drawing was almost the same, as saying it to her face, since I'm an artist, I draw what i feel so I can express it without any problems.

When I was done with the drawing, I decided to take it with me over to Sisse's place.

In the end of the day, right before I had to leave, I decided I would finally do it.

I placed the drawing with the letter on the back, in her room right before we went out.

As soon as I entered the the car, my heart began pounding like crazy, I was feeling regret, because I was honestly scared, scared of the answer. When I got home I stayed on the phone to chat with her.

Leon: "I left a surprise for you in your house, just so you know to look for something, when you get home :)."

Sisse: "OK, I'm not home yet though, but now i know =)."

Leon: "I don't mean to make it sound mean, but i kinda hope you don't find, but at the same time i really want to ask you, and want you to know :)"

Sisse: "Oookaayy, I'll look for it when I get home :p.)

Leon: "Ok :)."

While I was waiting, my heart was beating so fast, it actually started to hurt, and I was so scared.

When I finally got a message from her again, I was so scared to open it.

I made myself open it, I read it, and what I saw made me so happy I started crying.

She sent a picture of her face when she saw the drawing and the note. This is what I wrote, on the back of the paper.

I'm sorry I can't tell you in person, but I'm just too shy and nervous, I have tried so many times to get the words out, but no luck,

so I'm gonna do this my way. I wanted to say, I love you, I have for a long time, and I want to be your boyfriend, if you want to be my girlfriend. What do you say?<3.

Her reply on the picture she sent me was her happy and surprised face.

Sisse: "O.M.G YES!!!!<3 <3 <3"

Leon: "Wait really?????!!!, you didn't answer something I asked earlier?"

Sisse: "YES REALLY!, I answered your question!.... I Love you!<3"

Leon: "I Love you too!<3"

I started crying out of happiness, and I couldn't speak properly, so we just wrote to eachother, since I needed time to stop crying, so I could speak properly again.

We chatted for about an hour or two, after about 1 hour and 39 minutes I stopped crying, and I started to think that it was a dream, because good things usually don't happen to me,

so I thought why would something fantastic happen to me, if it wasn't a dream then why would it??.

I bit my arm to see if it's a dream or not.

Definately not a dream, I am so happy. It was unbelievable, I couldn't fall asleep because, what if.... just what if it was a dream, normally you'd wake up if you fall asleep in a dream, so I didn't want to fall asleep, but I fell asleep eventually. When I woke up, the first thing I did was check my phone, so I would know if it was a dream.

Because I was still confused.

That day ended up being the happiest day I've had in 6 years. I had been quite grumpy in the morning, when I arrived in school, but that tuesday I was so happy.

Since then I have been happy in the morning instead of sad or grumpy.

I began seeing things more possitivly, compared to when I always kept thinking of a way, to ask her.

It filled my mind up, the fact I didn't know how to ask her, destroyed me on the inside, it felt terrible.

I have never been this dedicated for something other than my music and my drawings,

that really says something.

If I'm dedicated I'm serious about it, which is a great fact to know about me anyways.

Throughout this part of the story, I'm trying to explain a really important lesson!

If you haven't noticed, the message then, sorry reader, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to, read my story.

This has been part 2, and you will have to wait till part 3 to find out the really important lesson! My amazing readers have decided they want me to make part 3!

So I will proceed to do so, part 3 will of course contain the important lesson, and I will publish the story before it's done but only until the story actually continues!

I will start  the story off with the lesson and we will continue from there!! See you amazing people at part 3!!! ^_^ 

Thanks for reading.

I hope you enjoyed our little story too Sisse. I will let you decide whether I should write down a part 3 or not.

Sisse, I love you<3.

Until next time, have a great life everyone!



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