What it means for us

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Your dreams is live here. It is how you live to tell this story. Goodness makes this so loved. As this is your story now. I have only asked how much this is so valuable again. :)

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



Why you regret ?

For you are not poor in heart,

Why you fight?

For you have given us hope,

Why you follow?

For you belong here,

Why you stop ?

For you sowed us gifts,

Why come again ?

For you recreate love here,

In my mind I always thought,

Changing this game kept us alive,

For giving us an uncertain thought kept us awake,

Life is more than a time unanswered in gestures,

Giving you this story puzzled our answers,

For you never sought a life lived only for surviving,

It brings us an unselfish devotion for friendship,

Till now we mingled around on a single round of talk,

Go far from here,

Spin your dreams here,

May you know why your trials ask us a small favour,

This day here,

What it means for us ?

Few moments here you never thought where you are so special,

Nothing I felt a long time expect this wisdom,

Can you ask what you have discovered now ?

Might you know the world outside keeps a secret,

Waited so long that our life is gone for this belonging,

No longer that our time is granted for this communion,

A help given for life we saw your human endeavour,  

I thank this sacrifice helped us unite for a better tomorrow,

What it means for us ?

This harmony ask us,

Have you contributed for anything more superior than this life ?

I seek goodness of a prayer in unity made us experience this within,

How might we know what others seek if this situation saw our helplessness ?

This crossroad ask us,

All this time be the dream not less at all,

Come across this hope unending for our celebration,

Away life has given you a smile for this kindness,

God has favored its recipe,

Where God doesnt exist,

A spirit collects your hearts given hope for all this is worth here,

Again we will be back puzzled where a contribution is happening all around you seek,

What it means for us ?

This is why you grow up here,

Looking around willing to catch the biggest contribution ever made again,

For our story starts with a simple suggestion,

Gone with any thought I thank collecting what has fallen from the last hope,

Are we not making the remains of all these days,

Guiding us searching the pasture of all that lost,

Yet comming together for what is the unity binding our pride story here,

The last fall is our lost,

A new time is our host,

Now is all that means for us here,

Are your plans care the next person far within your lost presence ?

If so make this day grateful for those worth guiding a story living here,

Make this composition lift the very quest bonded you together here for peace...

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