Dream Jumper

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You are a dream jumper.. you're not sure what that is but, you are kind of shocked by what you learn you can do.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



I had got home from an eventful day, working hard and completely exhausted. Right when I got home I had done the usual: Take a shower and eat. I thought going out in the back yard would possibly help me relax, so I went out and l lied down on the hammock. Lying there was wonderful along with the gentle breeze. There I laid, lulled by the soft fragrant breeze.


I opened my eyes faced by a shadowy figure, which I only saw for a split second. Startled by what I saw I get up and look around met by someone who looked distraught. Concerned, I asked for his well being to which he responded, screaming, “You need to leave now! You aren’t safe out here, come with me!”


Quite confused I ran, following my Acquaintance, I asked, “Why are we running?” He did not respond but, I kept following. We eventually ended up at a strange looking bunker.


The strange man finally turned around and spoke, “We will be safe here.” He walked up to the door and he started doing something, I assumed he must have been typing in a code. I walked in and he followed behind. We had walked down the hall then I felt this a strong force grab my arms and had complete control of me.


“Now to dispose of you…”, A voice behind me said. I turned and it was the strange man that found me. He had moved me to an elevator, we got in and he pushed the button to allow us to go down the elevator shaft. We had arrived to the bottom, it seemed we had been in there for awhile, and we appeared in a humid and dimly lit room. We walked across the room and took a left. Walking down a long corridor I saw what seemed to be a flickering light. The flickering light I had saw just down the hall had turned into this enormous flame burning on and on, there had seemed to be no end. Looking closer I noticed a strange shape in the flame, It looked to have been a human corpse. As my view widened I saw the flames tinder and beyond was all human corpses. Cold sweat to cover me. A trembling takes a hold of me all over. I had seemed to have been glued to the floor.  The corpse fire had burned on.

“You are a mad man” , I exclaimed.

“It took you this long to noticed? I can’t believe you were foolish enough to follow me! You should have just let me loot your body!”, The strange man shot back

“What are you talking about?”

“While you were asleep I was trying to loot your body while you seemed to be asleep on the hammock. It turns out you weren’t asleep at all because as I started to loot you, your eyes began to open so I had to get out of there quick. But, I wasn’t able to escape in time. So I turned to kill you, but when I saw the clueless look on your face I knew I could take advantage of this.”

“So you were the shadowy figure I saw when I woke up?”, I questioned

“It appears so. Now I’m going to loot you and then kill you!”

The strange man had taken all of my belongings and and tied me up. He didn’t seem to have anything to kill me with though so, I assumed he was bluffing, until he started to push me towards the fire. As we got closer and closer time seemed to slow down. I then heard a voice speak out to me, “Speak out, speak to us all.”

Then time stopped.

“Who’s there?”, I proclaimed

“Us. What used to be us. Our souls eternally burnt. Trapped here. But, you. You don’t belong here. Your energy. It is different.” The voice, what sounded to be an echo of voices, replied.

“What do you mean? My energy?”

“You don’t seemed to be a part of this world. You seem… Unnatural? No. You seem Supernatural.”

“Last I remember before I got here I was falling asleep on my hammock in my backyard.”

“I believe I understand what you are. You appear to be a Dream Jumper.”

“A Dream Jumper? What in the world is that?”

“Well, A Dream Jumper is a person who, when the fall asleep their mind a soul escape their body traveling through time and space searching for someone in dire need. Their mind and soul then enters the damsel and takes control of its actions. You mind friend are not YOU. You are able to do anything you have unimaginable powers. This man that has you at death’s door is nothing compared to you. Open your Eye. Unleash the power.”

Quite confused not sure what the voice meant I focused and tried to unleash the power. Time had then resumed. Almost knocking on death’s door I then feel my hands move away from the rope that bound my hands and then hear the rope hit the ground. “Did you just? How in the? That’s impossible!”

Turning around smirking, I ask “What’s the matter? Never seen a Dream Jumper before?”

The strange man then takes a swing at me and with an odd swift reaction dodged. It seemed like I had this strange skill set I never had before. I kept dodging his attacks then I found a weakness and took a shot at him. Sweeping his feet from under him I then picked him up and carried him to the elevator. I threw him in smashed the controls and then chained the door closed.

“You shouldn’t exist! I killed all the Dream Jumpers already! How do you exist!?”, He cried.

I then felt this feeling like my energy was seeping, then everything went dark.

I woke up lying on my hammock out back. “Man that was a weird dream yet it felt so real. A Dream Jumper, huh? I like it.”


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