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Short piece of dialogue, likely riddled with oversight, errors, and inconsistencies. Any help would be appreciated.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



- I’m not getting this. I’m not qualified; can you explain to me how I’m not qualified?
- Well, sir … Well, here at Foster and Hayes we prefer more than you—

- More! I have shown you that I am more capable than most of the people that walk through those doors. I understand I’m not your typical candidate, but that does not mean I cannot handle this.

- Mr. Collins, I understand. I have no doubt of your competence, we have been getting well acquainted for some time, but now your must consider it from our point of view, not to mention Johnny’s.

- That is solely who I’m thinking of, why would you have let it go this far if now you will not allow it? If you stop this now it won’t be affecting only me, I think it’s time you gave some actual thought to Johnny!

- Mr. Collins, I assure you we only think of the children here, and there is no need to raise your voice. You must recognize that when circumstances change we must reconsider.

- Mrs. Parker, I apologize. But surely you can understand that I’m upset that this late in the process you’re considering, or more than considering, rejecting me because of my situation. Yes, things have changed, but not in regard to Johnny. I can provide for him in every way. You yourself have seen how well we get along, just because Rachel has passed on doesn’t make me an unfit father. You’re thinking of taking away Johnny because I lost my better half. If you take away Johnny I’ll have nothing left. Rachel’s been taken away and now you’re going to take Johnny too! I am not upset with you, Mrs. Parker, but can’t you see how cruel this is? Last month has been the hardest month of my life. In losing Rachel I almost lost myself, but Johnny has saved me, he’s all I have left, he’s what keeps me going, can’t you see that?

Speechless, Mrs. Parker turned her chair and her gaze from Mr. Collins towards the computer’s dark monitor.

-Mrs. Parker, I understand you have to think of Johnny first, but I, too, am thinking only of Johnny’s best interests.

-I know you think you are. However, placing a child in the home of a single … well, of someone who no longer has spousal support makes things much more complicated.

-I … I don’t know what to say.

With a small discharge of breath Mr. Collins’s eyes fell to the floor where he looked fixedly at the old, bare linoleum. 

-Mr. Collins, you are a wonderful man and I know how much you love Johnny, and how much he loves you. Still, we cannot overlook the reality of the situation. The emotional turmoil that we would be subjecting him to would no doubt affect him. Placing Johnny with you appears to be a big risk; one that we are not sure is worth taking.

Mr. Collins stood up and walked towards the door. His eyes were fixed on the ground until he reached the threshold when he looked back at Mrs. Parker with eyes harboring enough water to dock the whole U.S fleet, saying weakly,

-Is there any chance you will reconsider?

-It is not completely out of the question, but I do not want you to get your hopes up, it will most likely not fall into your favor.

-But, there is a chance?

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