Planet Earth

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Another of my depression poems

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



Planet Earth
2010 © Andrew Hetherington, All rights reserved

I don't live here on planet Earth anymore,
I've gone to live somewhere else now I'm sure.
I don't know what's happening down here on the ground,
My mind's in the sky just floating around.

Don't ask me questions about current affairs,
I don't know anything about the world's cares.
I have absolutely no interest in what's going on,
So the TV, the radio and paper are gone.

I'm off with the Pixies, the Fairies and Elves,
The world and it's people can fend for themselves.
In my head there's a place where it's peaceful and quiet,
I go there to escape all the chaos and riot.

So if you're talking to me and I seem a bit strange,
It's because I'm not here and I don't wanna change,
I'm not hurting anyone else or breaking a law,
By choosing not to live here on planet Earth anymore.

© Copyright 2019 drewboy. All rights reserved.

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