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All Sapphire Gaspy wanted was to be a normal girl, live a normal life, and fit in. She was told that there was no such thing as normal, but she knew there was. Do normal kids have to deal with 13
siblings and chaos at every turn? The answer would be no, and do normal kids have their first kiss before 16, yes!

All Ezra Fields wanted was to be accepted by his family and friends for being bisexual. He wanted to be able to go out without being called names and being avoided. He wanted to hang out with
people without them saying 'watch out for the fag!'. He wanted someone on his side.

Sapphire was walking down the street when she saw a boy pushed into an alley way and she ran over to get a closer look. She saw a boy her age against a wall on the floor while a group of boys
towered over him. They were shouting all kinds of rude things at him and kicking him. She walked out and... it was all hopeless.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



This was inspired by my great imagination and the bleakness of boredom. I had thought of a story like this a bunch of times, but I had pushed away that thought. Now I can write it out because I have a story line and a plot. Hope you guys all enjoy and I will see  you in the first chappy! Bai!!!

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