Nicola 3

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This is the ending of the Nicola trilogy

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



I open the door slightly only to have it shoved open and a ball of fur shot from the door. I open my eyes to see a tiny black nose and grass all around me. “Nala you scared me” I say holding back a laugh at the pug on my chest. “I hope you didn't let chubbo out” I warn eyeing the door cautiously as I pick up Nala and my heavy backpack. “Purr...Hiss” is all I hear from the ground below me as I walk into the worn-down building I’ve been exiled to. Unsurprisingly it's silent. “Chubbo you know you aren’t allowed out” I whisper as I grab her from her scruff and drag her back inside still unsettled by the unnatural silence. She isn't really fat just when we found her we didn't know she was expecting, “Nala leave preggo alone we’d do the same for you,” As If Chubbo could understand me she mews painfully as she retreats into the darkness of the house. I hold Nala close to me and a silent tear slides down my cheek. Why can't Claudia love me like a real mom would? A real mom would let me cheer so I wouldn’t have to sneak behind her back. And I definitely wouldn’t be alone in a run-down guest house with only a pregnant cat and a baby pug for company. “Well I guess we’re all rejects,” I mutter as I fall into a fitful sleep.

“C’mon Nic or you’ll make me late for school, it’s bad enough that mom makes me drive you to school every day but half the time I’m late for homeroom!” Lexi yells in my face. My eyes shoot open and it takes me a second to realize where I am.


“NICOLA! MARIA HERNANDEZ! GET YOUR PRESOSA BUTT OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!” I can hear Claudia’s anger rising in her voice as she yells at me. I sink out of the forgotten shack with my head pointed at my ever-interesting bunny slippers, or what was bunny slippers. “NICOLA,” her voice softens then breaks “Do I not love you enough? Is that the problema?” A tear runs down her cheek. I slowly lift my head to meet her eyes,

“Momma, it's a different time now, anyone can cheer; girls, boys, black, white, hispanic, it doesn't matter,” Now my face is wet. I’m about to leave the room and I’m halfway done muttering some stupid excuse when she says, “Fine, you Breaks you moma heart but fine. Just know in the future I’m not going to let this slide next time, And…… I’m not paying a single penny - not even medi-”

I rush into her arms and squeeze ‘the life out of’ her. “Thank you, cl-momma thank you” I feel her stiffen but she pulls me closer. Maybe it's not perfect and it's not going to be easy but atleast its a happy ending.


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