The Promise

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A little girl loses her closes people in her life what will she do find out reading the promise by alejandra estrada based out of her life as a little girl coming to america and losing the people
closest to her.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



 The Promise

By: Matsuko Estrada Nakmatsu


As a little girl , coming to America wasn’t what I expected or wasn’t the expectation for some people. I came for a better life , better opportunity , and for success. My dream was to go to Stanford and be a teacher, or even an FBI Agent. I came here with tears and blood in my face Why? You ask? Well, because many people who were closest to me died, just like that.  At 4 years old I was going to live in America , I was anxious even depressed .  As tears ran down my face,  I just wanted to see the sakura tree one more time, and watch the little pink petals falling slowly and calmly. I want to see the fishes swimming in the little pond full of water just so I can see my own reflection .

But finally I realize I'm in a plane heading straight to America. My father a strong, respectful, kind man is with me and touches my hand. “are you okay”, he says calmly. I look back at him and than tears come off my face landing in his hand “ No father I'm not. I don't want to leave. Please take us back.” I say firmly he looks at me and takes a breath, “We can't, I'm sorry.”

He turns back talking with my mother. An hour passes we still have a long way to go. He tells me stories as time passes by, and I fall asleep faster than I can imagine. Finally after many hours we arrive at the United States I hold my mother’s hand a look up at her she is a sweet gentle and caring and also funny. She isn’t afraid to speak up for herself and her family .

She tells me “today's the day you’ll  meet your new family you’ll like it here, You’ll meet your grandfather and your aunts who will love you and your cousins and more!” I looked confused but who are they really. I asked to myself what will they say about me? Will they speak Japanese just like me.  

Will my grandfather be nice? As I walk with my mother and father I look to see where my “new” family are with my smile on my face not to show any sadness  start looking my mother looks very happy. Soon enough my father starts running and hugs my first aunt Miriam then my other aunt Milany and then my aunt Alice my mother comes and she stands there and then they see me .

I start walking as they look at me and talk in spanish “Eres Matsuko?”  I couldn’t understand because I only spoke Japanese  and then my mother translated she told me “are you matsuko?” I nodded and then all my aunts gave me hugs and started talking and crying at first I couldn’t process it but then I saw an old gentle he seemed very caring and calm and he stood there I started walking up to him and then I touched his side of his face and said the only word I could in spanish “Abuelo?” he gave me a hug and I started crying my mother cried and my father introduced me to him.


In my head I wondered if I could have any friends as we finally reached to my Aunt's house we unpacked as of tomorrow I would start living in my aunt's house for a short period of time until my parents have enough money to buy a house. I couldn’t stay up as I walked up the stairs of my cousin’s room I layed in his bed and felt relaxed more clam . It was morning and I woke from a alarming clock . I got mad very mad I started yelling but  knew if I yelled no one would understand … I quickly changed into a little cutie dress with brown and yellow colors on it.

I also unpacked my painting set. I mother bought it, it was beautiful new and very special to me I took my art supplies and begged my father to let me go outside he said

“Very well but go with your grandfather” I nodded with excitement as I packed my stuff and as I opened the door there he was my grandfather he laughed and spoke japanese

“How are you-- my child?”  I laughed and replied “i'm fine thanks for asking shall we go”. As we got to the park I laid out my art supplies and started painting and writing in Kanji and types of japanese writing that is special and very beautiful then my grandfather watched and learn and saw what I did he smile and look amazed of what I did I smiled look straight at him I knew he was proud of me from the start. I started writing my japanese clan kanji which was passed down only from my clan it was passed down generation to generation it was sacred to the Nakagami clan and only the hand of a Nakagami could write such a special kanji.

As I wrote it he looked very surprised and I touched his hand and I lead his hand to the paper and as he hold the bush I direct it to the paint and I only drip the brush only once as I do that I  then direct his hand to the paper and start to help him write the kanji. He laughed and said “yo tengo más que hacer no? Matsuko”. My grandfather was a man of gold in his heart he was my best friend, the person who understood me most he made me laugh more than anyone could. Soon we always went to the park to write kanji and play around or even draw. Everyday I always taught him different kinds of kanji. We always had fun always he also taught me marinera he showed me steps but I always got mad and couldn’t get it right. “Ugh why can't I get this right!” I said angrily my grandfather laughed and said “patience is key you’ll get it right my chinita no te porque ok?” I nodded I knew in my head I wouldn’t give up and I started dancing and I felt the whole world was peaceful I felt alive and felt like I could do anything.

He danced with me and said to me “that was great Tu lo puedes a estar en la potrillo “ he jumped up and down excited and proud I laughed “we’ll see about that!! “  as we went home I had a smile in my face and we reached to my aunt’s house I put away my brushes and paints and got ready to go to sleep. As I reach to bed awoken by the sounds of cries I run but every step I took was a risk to wake up someone as I finally step foot near the kitchen I start listen to what is going on

“ But father you have to stay for a little long please!!!” my aunts cry out “I'm sorry my children but I made my decision and its final!” I look and walked out of my hiding place and yell out “Please don’t go grandpa… I need you!”  everyone looked in shock and I run up to my bed and lock the doors and lock myself in as I lock everything I move my body to a corner and start crying for every tear that fell of my face I started to worry where will he go ? will he come back?

As someone knocks the door I put my face up and yell “leave me alone!’’ but the door continuously keeps on knocking.

“Its grandpa…” he says in a worrying voice I look up and wipe my tears with my sleeves as I unlocked the doors he comes in and sits down on the bed he starts to cry “I'm sorry I have to leave …. Can you promise me something Matsuko?” I nod “what is it?” he breathes heavey “ promise me you'll never forget me and that you’ll make me proud even if I'm not really here, promise me that you will protect your family …and you will win a Marinera competition and you’ll make me even more happy but if you don't win I’ll always be proud ” he says calmly I nodded that was the last time he ever spoke to me. As we reach to the airport I noticed he was calm and poised it was almost as if he was not afraid.

I cried as he waved back at me saying goodbye my father was brave so was my mother and aunts even my grandma she was very brave as soon as the family got home we started to eat and to do our normal routine I was alone in the living room dancing and very clam soon enough “RING” the phone rings louder than anything you could think of my father and my aunts all came to the living room and my father answer it. It was the flight attendant “is this Edward Estrada” the flight attendant said , my father replied “yes is this American Airlines?’’ , she replied “yes this is. I'm so very sorry to say  your father died’’.

Very soon that moment it was in speaker he dropped the phone and there I was standing and thinking to myself “was this going to happen?’’ even so I felt my grandfather was there to teach me how to dance I felt like his handkerchief wasn’t held by his anymore but feel as if he wasn’t there but died. Tear ran through my eyes I felt weak very weak almost as if he left me alone.  I soon couldn’t breath nor talk i was paralyzed I sat at the corner of the living room rocking myself soon I ran up to his room and open the door I see his stuff he left behind many things his cloths his personal item even his handkerchief which he was dancing with and the art brush too.

I cried and cried but I knew there was nothing a little girl could do, it was done I could do nothing he was dead and I was alone. Soon enough I didn’t go to school for a year I promised myself to not dance ever again but soon enough I let that go he died on September 30 , 2010 ever so that day on his 2nd anniversary I got a letter before he died I was shocked and cried in that letter it said “I maybe be gone but our memories will stay, I  hope you danced like you promised because you’ll make me proud and I won’t go away” to see those words made me feel like he was always with me. Soon enough I started dancing and I know I made him proud and I always will remember him and keep his promise. But soon that little girl who loved her grandfather was broken. Her heart didn’t seem to pick up the pieces and soon enough as she grew older he family grew stronger and soon her own cousin died in the hands of cancer he had Leukemia and he was only 25 when he died shortly that news got to my family everybody in the family were shocked I started crying because of the fact that i lost someone I looked up to like a big brother the one who was my light in the darkness his last words were “Promise me to put a fresh rose every year so that it will show the happiness and mistakes we made as a family’’ I  promised and every since I always put a fresh rose in his grave every year there is not one year I don't put a rose. Jorge was like a brother to me in many ways he was always there but sometimes I just wished I was there for his there to save him but what can I do ? what can science do? My eyes turned red I sank into the floor once I got the horrible dreadful news my mother helped me up and told me to be calm.

But I couldn’t I screamed and yelled “WHY HIM WHY NOT ME!!” soon after my screams I blacked out.

 I woke up to the sound of bells it was the day of his funeral I wore a black ball gown with a veal the have the design of roses just like he asked for and my lips were colored black I didn’t cry , but instead I wore my fake sad face I knew if I cried at any moment my sister would follow my lead and my parents would get mad.

As I walk down with his coffin I look down the whole time my sister was right next to me jumping around like a little child would do until she tugged on my gown “Hey sis who died ?” I got annoyed “Our cousin died now places shut up” she tugged again “what was he-- like?” . Soon those words got in my head and only one tear fell from my face I quickly wiped it off. “He was like a brother to me , he was a shoulder to cry on, he meant everything to the family” i said sadly. She didn’t say anything after that. Soon i had to do a speech about him I spoke very few words. But I tried to process everything as soon as I did my heart broke into pieces to see his coffin opened and his body there as soon as I saw his face tear came in my eyes like never before landed on his dead body then in my hands I put the first rose and placed it in his hands to try to make it like he held it soon I hugged his body but I realize his spirit wasn’t there anymore only his body I touched his hands and one than another tear drop fell on my face into his hand “I will miss you Jorge and I promise I’ll leave the rose in your tomb” I said . I never forgot that day I’ll never forget them I know they are watching over me protecting me and being proud of me .


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