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'Her' is a depiction of romance in soul engaging with outside world to create beauty

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



I was eating my continental breakfast ( bread butter jam + omlete + juice) at a restaurant today. My parents were sitting next to me, having dosa and tea. My conscious self 'C' was focusing on the job at hand; proficiently applying butter and jam to bread and at the same time ogling over the omelet placed on my plate. Even though my active C was busy with so many daunting tasks, my lazy Subconscious ‘S’’ was busy chanting her name. The different ways we loved each other and the beautiful experiences we shared together was projected at the back of my head, like a sweet romantic movie by S. C observed that my parents were talking about how witty my brother (he is super Witty). While listening to them he saw that the ambiance was very beautiful. Only set of people in the restaurant were my family and a set of gregarious, accommodating and friendly waiters who always had a pleasant smile on their face. He loved the happiness the atmosphere has brought to my parents face. While C was enjoying the tangible beauty of the situation, S started having subtle fun at his expense. While C saw, felt and tasted the continental dish in front of him, S again experienced the same beautiful meal I had with my beloved. S reconstructed the living smile of my beloved through the innocuous smile of the waiters. She started giving me the beautiful sense of my beloved in her absence. There are some moments in my life where I love S for who she is. This was one such moment. Then the moment that mesmerized me happened. The silence of the restaurant was replaced by a song, a beautiful song, a song that my beloved send to me when I was down a few months back, a song that she sent to me even before we sold our hearts to each other, the beautiful ‘Sleeping Child’ by ‘MLTR’. I was partially completing a bite of my bread butter jam combination when the song started playing. I realized the song the instant it started playing. Two things happened at the moment. I jerked upwards like a frog that contacted a electric wire, a romantic smile appeared on my face. C murmured “WOW” through my mouth and S shouted “LOVE” through my heart. At this moment C looked into U’s eyes and kissed her passionately to celebrate the happiness they created together through the ambiance and my mind. My mother who was the only witness to this crime looked at me curiously. I smiled back at her and said “This song, I like a lot”. Not realizing the true meaning of my joy, she smiled back at me and continued with her breakfast.

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