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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: House of Ghosts

Just a short story based off of a old one

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



A high pitch whirring echoes through a pitch black room followed by a deep male voice through a speaker.


“Recording started.turning on the lights.”


A dim light fades into the room from a old hanging lamp revealing a bare interrogation room of some sort.the walls,and floor seem to be made of a strange deep,ever changing dark stone,and in the center of the room there is a shirtless man chained by the hands to the floor.

As he opens his eyes slowly adjusting to the new light he sits patiently,tapping his fingers against his shackles,legs crossed.His hair is long,unkempt,and speckled with ash and a dried burgundy paste that carries onto his upper body which is covered in dirt and scars from innumerable old injuries.

The same deep voice starts to speak as the man stares straight forward almost,bored.


“Enter when you're ready Ms.Turino.”

A slight surprise goes through the man as he stops tapping his fingers,and begins straightening his frame curiously.

A heavy click reverberates throughout the room as a rectangle outline starts to appear on the stone wall were the man is looking causing his eyes to analyze the newfound mechanism in a calm wonder.

As the hidden door opens all can be seen is darkness until a slender woman steps cautiously through the frame.her hair is long and deep shade of red,also she sports a strange black militant uniform.

Her alert eyes never stray from the man as the door shuts behind her a couple moments later.

They stare at each other for a moment,the woman in a disdainful  duty,the man in a patient curiosity.the silence is broken by the women.


“where’s the boy Tsurashi?” She says in a demanding tone.


The man's curiosity fades as he looks at her bored.


“So that's why they sent you..Where's your dad brat?”He says expectantly.


Her brow furrows as she inches close to the man and speaks in a more agitated tone.


“Lieutenant Orayn isn't your concern. Don't forget where you are now tsurashi..where is the boy?”


The man shifts uncomfortably in his shackles as he starts to lose his patients.


“And why would I tell that type of information to a brat who doesn't know what it will cause? Now I'm saying it again..go get the adult.”


She crouches down swiftly and grabs the man by his hair,whipping his head back and forcing him to look her in the eyes.


“Listen here you son of a bitch..You.Lost. you're in enemy territory,none of your little criminal friends can help you,and I can kill you anytime I want-”


The man interrupts


“Who are you trying to convince?”


She begins to swear but she's interrupted by the deep voice on the speaker.


“Private.You're off topic.”


She stares at the man for a moment barely restraining her rage as she unwillingly lets his hair go and starts to stands up.

The man's patient demeanor starts to fade as he looks at her and begins to speak in a more hostile tone.


“To think your Dad used to brag about a brat like you.. you don't give a damn about that're just here because of your own selfish reasons,hoping for me to step out of line or the cameras to stop.”


The women's fists clench as she looks down at the man.


“You don't have the right to speak about selfishness..Do you even know how many of my comrades you slaughtered? My friends?!”


The man responds instantly.


“I have killed five hundred thirty seven of your men in the past 10 years.”he says in a calm yet frustrated tone.”but you wouldn't know the total or the reasons,or the toll of war since you have only been a private for 3 of those years. And just saw your first bit of action recently this year.. “


The women staggers a bit in shock,as the deep voice tries to step in.


“Private.back on topic”


“ why do you know all of that?..”She says ignoring the voice


The man breathes a sigh of annoyance.


“This is why I don't talk to're trying to speak on things you don't know a damn thing about..” his shackles begin to click repeatedly as the women is distracted, intrigued by his words.”I've counted every soul of your organization I've killed ever since they mindlessly began hunting me down because of the name you keep calling me.

Yes, i have killed, not because i'm a serial killer or an animal..out of self defense and the preservation of the helpless you all ravage-”


The man is interrupted by the speaker but this time the voice is different,heavy and rugged.


“Private Reyna,that's enough for now.Not another word tsurashi!”


A sly grin slips onto the man's face as he yells back.


“Why!? Shouldn't your soldiers know why their bosses were sacrificing them for war with me!? Why no matter what their orders were to leave me alive!?


The new voice speaks once more filled with authority.


“Private Reyna Turino. I will handle this investigation from now on.leave the room.”


Reyna’s forces herself to comply despite her newfound intrigue.


“Yes sir-”


The man interrupts


“Why so skittish all of the sudden?! Afraid of your men finding out they died in vei-”


An electric shock jolts through the chains on his wrists causing him to fall on his side and convulse momentarily.

The Authoritative voice speaks.


“Reyna.out of the”


The man struggles to move as his body slightly smokes and twitches,but he manages to start to move.


“Hey brat..”he says


She stops momentarily and glances at him and is shocked to find that he is out of his cuffs and the floor around him is frozen solid.


“H-how-”she's cut off by the man.


“For the record.i hate being called by my old family name..”the air around him starts to fill with steam and he begins to stand,almost towering over reyna.” I am the one and only Arata “Arro” Izumo.”An alarm begins to blare as he continues “now burn this into your memory. ‘File 5473’.”


The hidden door flies open as a hulk of a man bursts through and rushes Arata stopping the conversation,but he is met with a swift heavy fist to the nose slightly caving in is face and sending him flying back through the door.

Before Reyna can choose to run or fight the hall erupts in flames and arata begins to brace himself as he puts his hands together and focuses on the hall.


“It's about time you showed up.”he says in a serious tone.


moments later a older man,about 40 strolls in with medium deep red hair and a edited black militant uniform decorated with symbols,his hands erupting with flames.


“Dad? When did-”


She's quieted by the Oryan putting up his hand.


“Go outside sweetie.i need to talk to Arata..”


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