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Afghanistan, 2016.

A Special Forces Captain and a female Lieutenant survived an ambushed that nearly claimed their lives. They survived, and lived to tell the tale. However, the trauma had set in, causing the two to
struggle. Their inner battle with the devil had begun.

One year later, the two were reassigned, and reunited once again in the war-torn land. Despite the differences, they realised that their scars had not healed. The pain of losing their comrades
eventually got worse. To fight this demons, they knew what they had to do, for no one else understood the meaning of pain except the two. Putting all differences aside, they formed a unique bond; a
bond which will one day grow into love.

Just when they thought that their horrors are over, a new form of evil returned, threatening to split them up for good.

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23rd August

Submitted: September 29, 2017

23rd August 2016, Afghanistan.

It was a normal day in the province of Parwan. Insurgency was down to a minimum, and peace was returning to the far. There's a sighting of a group of armed men wandering around the
mountains, but it caused little worry. One night, a Special Forces team was assigned for an escort mission–a mission that will change two lives forever.
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Dark Angel

Submitted: October 12, 2017

The night of 23rd August will be the date they'll remember for their lives.
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