Why Should We Believe in Religion

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There are various definitions of religion offered but for common understanding, it is defined as a particular system of faith and worship that is prescribed for its followers to lead their lives
within certain boundaries in order to build peaceful communities and eventually gain appropriate rewards in the afterlife.

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



'There is never an unplanned creation; all things originate from and finally return to their source.'


The objective of this article is an attempt to convince people who do not believe in any religion and a modest effort to reinforce belief of the ones who have some degree of faith in it, whichever version of religion they may follow.

Let us review the concept of religion as we understand it;

There are various definitions of religion presented but to achieve a common ground; a religion can be defined as a particular system of faith and worship which is prescribed to its followers to lead their lives by staying within certain boundaries, and to build peaceful communities in order to eventually gain appropriate rewards in the Hereafter, the final destination.

A religion can also be defined as ‘divine recommendation, code of conduct and proposed way of life for all Humankind', with individuals having an option and free will to either accept or reject it.

If they accept it then they should fully align themselves per the recommended parameters of that particular version of religion to reap the benefits. If on the other hand they want to conceive, design and build their own structure of how they want to shape up their way of life and create a society for themselves then they are free to do so for having blessed with free will, unlike the other species of Nature.

The point to note here is that if we believe in a religion and the Creator, then His commandments imply wisdom and benediction in the long run. While our proposed system that we wish to build is prone to errors and flaws based on limited vision, little experience, inadequate knowledge, social, cultural and personal biases, vested interests in some cases and other controllable and uncontrollable variables, the chances are that the system that we propose and build will collapse in time, or it may improve over time depending on how wisely do we manage, modify, develop and sustain it.

Since the existence of God can neither be proven scientifically nor refuted altogether, we need to observe, understand, comprehend and choose our way forward with a conscious mind. 

Few people actually take that route to freely assess and compare the options in order to select their choice of religion which they deem as most appropriate. The great majority of believers follow a religion by virtue of birth, accepting whatever faith their parents or elders had been practicing. 

We can therefore safely assume that there are very few people in the world in terms of percentage who actually ponder over the relative merits by assessing and evaluating the comparative attributes that various versions of religion offer before embracing it, or otherwise.

The fundamental questions to address in order to grasp the basic understanding are;

  1. Whether the universe is result of a galactic accident or it is a deliberate creation?

  2. If it was an accident then why is there such immaculate 'Order' prevailing in the entire universe. Presence of physical laws across space. Invariable adjustments taking place all the time after distortions occur with sole purpose of restoring equilibrium and order? Active system maintenance!

  3. If it was a planned creation then there has to be a Creator who had conceived the grand scheme and then designed, built and now sustains the entire universe?

  4. If it is a creation then is there only one Creator or there are more?

  5. It is fair to assume that since the universe is subject to same physical laws then we ought to believe that there is only one Creator else there would have been conflicts in view of incompatibilty of designs which we do not witness. That reaffirms our faith that there is only one Creator of this universe.

 Here are some further points emanating from the above-mentioned observations and arguments;

  • Do we believe that universe is a gigantic and complex system?

  • Maybe what we have out there is a multiverse?

  • There is life on planet Earth only but nowhere else, whereas in approximately 200 billion galaxies in the known universe, there are hundreds of trillions of planets. Perhaps a few billions are likely to be similar to planet Earth, conducive to life?

  • Is there a possibility that all planets will eventually be populated?

  • Why does more knowledge end up in more obscurity whereas it should logically provide more clarity? Does it mean that the amount of knowledge which we have so far acquired is minisule in comparison to the entire pool of knowledge.

  • Whether autonomous, automated or manual, all systems are basically designed, built and maintained.

  • Is there a possibility that a system can create itself?

  • Is there a possibility that a system can modify or upgrade itself?

  • Is it possible that unimaginable distances in the universe are mere illusions?

  • Is it possible that this is just a program or simulation which can be viewed on our smartphones?

  • Is it possible that to those trapped within the program or simulation the distances appear as unfathomable but they simply mean nothing to the outsider?

  • Is it possible that those within the program or simulation are being subjected to certain tests in order to prepare them for the next level, a new Cosmos in making?

  • Is it possible that humans will be relocating to new worlds, not directly from the planet Earth via space travel but post resurrection?

  • Will resurrection be a mere reboot of the program, or it would be the launch of a more advanced and powerful version of the simulation? Or perhaps it would be the actual reality?

Our existing pool of knowledge tells us that a system can neither create itself nor can it evolve on its own. Systems are conceived, designed and built with clear objectives and they are upgraded and constantly maintained.

Theories that propose that universe has created itself are mere conjectures. The ideal test would be to create conditions, supply data and expect say a payroll system to create itself without any intelligent intervention.

Do you believe that a payroll system will create itself or it would evolve on its own, and will it be possible in a few billion years? Doesn't make sense!

One obvious inference is that perpetuity is the key element and a guiding principle. Even in human terms, all systems are created not to be dismantled in time but to be modified and upgraded in order to be aligned with changing times and needs.

Even if we are able to precisely gauge as to what would be our future needs, say a few thousand years from now, designing a system at this point to accommodate distant future needs will prove futile and will most likely fail. The optimum approach is to arrange and place building blocks, level by level in order to achieve a sustainable future.

When a doctor, teacher or anyone else for that matter who has greater knowledge about a particular subject than we have, tells us to follow certain course of action then their intent is to ensure our own wellbeing and progression. When we digress, we suffer, in most cases at least.

Imagine if all drivers in the world follow same basic safety rules and keep their vehicles fully maintained then theoretically speaking there is a strong possibility that there won’t be any accidents taking place ever, or there will be very few, if any....

So if we heed the experts then there will be less distortion as we will not deviate from the prescribed path which is based on profound wisdom and far greater knowledge than we can even imagine at this point.

That to me is what religion is all about. A divine set of instructions to follow certain recommended path while journeying through life. It is like preparing us for the next and more advanced phase.

I do have firm belief that we shall rise again and will inhabit larger worlds. Placing us a few billion light years away from where we ended our journey will be a minor feat for the Creator of this universe.

New worlds will require residents with certain complementary skills and attitudes, so what you have gained here will not be wasted there. Humans shall be rewarded accordingly and they will obtain appropriate positions based on their performance and compliance in this world. The divine scriptures reveal that ‘Time’ may be non-existent there, assuring unending or eternal life.

Looks impossible? Yes, from our limited perspective maybe but what will be the point to measure our journey or distance any longer after we would have reached the destination? No time! 

Isn't time merely a unit to measure distance from point A to point B? The eternal life has been promised and it starts making sense!

This topic may never end if we keep the search tab on so my sincere advice is that one should not contemplate too much. The mental capacity that we have been endowed with is insufficient to scientifically resolve the inexplicable mystery. The one billion neurons that our brain has with about one trillion connections are just not enough to ensure attaining absolute conviction. Faith is the key and the most appropriate choice. That said, the signs, a few discussed here and there are others which will guide the intelligent explorer with a receptive mind.

Perhaps we might be able to decipher the conundrum of our existence in a few hundred or few thousand years if humanity survives that long, which I honestly doubt. With so much of nuclear and biological arsenal in store, waning empathy, intensifying anger, distrust and rising levels of pollution, I don’t really think that we will last that much longer. It will soon be the time for us to move on not only as individuals but also for humanity as a whole.

Be prepared for the journey!



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