My Adventure

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My Adventure


There was once a girl who was very small
she spent most time running through the halls
although she was tiny she could see most things
like creepy crawler lurking under the sink

she had many friends mostly dolls and toys
and a baby cousin who made all the noise
people would say she is a strange little miss
because she talks to trees and mice and gives them a kiss

she seems to be spotted all over the garden
but the man says you can't be here I am the warden
go back to your duties he says you are the princess
but she replies back saying no I am the empress

forced back to her chores back to her castle
with her little messy room she tend to unscramble 
she finds a little note under her cluttered sheets
and it says I am the fairy that you mostly need

their is more to this note she gives to her mother
saying I've found this in my room under all the clutter
the mother says nothing and suddenly replies
go do your homework you are wasting my time

stomping back to her room she creates an idea
why should I go back to work I am princess Edna
I will go on an adventure and find this fairy
And write it all down in my pink sparkle diary

she packed all her things and went to the kitchen
the guards were asleep she thought good riddance
tiptoed to the door and out to the road
only to find out the gate had been closed

crying out loud her adventure has ended
not today she said their still time to find it
so she went to her room to sleep in her bed
It's not over till I say I'll dream instead








Submitted: August 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Reyna Rosales. All rights reserved.

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