Tree House

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Have you ever say to him/her that you in love with him/her? Tell him/her before it's too late!

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



From the Pinemoon Village, there is a girl named Lourisse, they called her Lalet (just a short pen name for being late always), who had lovely eyes from her mother. From nowhere, she takes an elementary at 6 years old and become a constant outstanding from grade one to five, and until such time….

Tik Tak… Tik tak… (Clock)

5:30am…Kring kring Kring..Snap.! (Turn off )


Grrr!, how on this world that there is a time! I’m late!”

Teacher Ana, “Class, did you bring your assignment?”, “Yes Mam”, class replied.

Oh! Lalet. You are late again; don’t you know that there is a direct effect on your grades? “

But anyway; Class, I want to announce that Lourisse is our top on this grading, and I want to congratulate everyone for having a high grade.”

Lalet, “What a day, I’m not surprise, I always top on the class.”


During afternoon, Lalet went on her tree house made by her father in front on their house. That is the place what she called home. On that place, where she review, she sing, she plays, and that place is so meaningful to her.

Until such time, during the middle of the school year, there was a new neighbor across the street, and Lalet keeps on glancing on her tree house on the newly neighborhood.


Okay Class, we have your new classmate for today, he came from a far place and now he is staying with us” teacher Ana said.

Oh my besie, he’s so handsome.” Clair whispered to Lalet,

So what, he is so ugly and arrogant” Lalet replied,


Two months after, the new student was now getting a higher grade than Lalet.


Lalet, “OH my besie” huhuhu (crying), I’m sure that I am not the top class for this grading.”

Huh, have you understood what are you saying? You can do it, defeat that guy over there”, Clair replied.

Then Lalet added, “He will become my worst enemy”  (secretly pointing out to the new student).


Saturday morning, Lalet is reviewing her notes on the tree house then an hour pass by, she saw her new classmate back and forth on their house.

OMG, he is our neighbor.” Talking to herself.


Meanwhile, the boy saw Lalet on the tree house, and walk towards the tree. As when the boy is approaching, Lalet saw him, and she felt nervous, and she is sweating over her body.

Hi, correct me if I’m wrong, you were my classmate on the sixth grade, right?” the boy asks.


Lalet, was stunned on that moment, and she didn’t talk even a single word, and her heart beats fast as the boy continue asking her.

Knock..Knock..were you sleeping?” “I’m asking you” the boy continues.

Lalet replied, “Yes, I am.”

Then the girl went down from the tree and the boy have shake hands to her.

Hi, my name is Prince, we recently migrated here because my mom was moved here to operate a business.” The boy said to her.

What’s your name?” he added

Lalet replied, “M-m-my n-n-name is L-L-Lourisse.”

Are you nervous?” “Don’t worry, Im not here to hurt you, I just want to be your friend because I don’t have any yet friends on this village.” The boy added.

Okay, nice to meet you Prince. I’m sorry, I have to go, we’ll have now a breakfast.” Girl replied.

Okay, see you around” Prince saying good bye to Lalet.


A month passes by, the two become friends and such a year they became best friend. They both attended same school on their high school and they both constant honor students. They fellow teacher loved them because they are like cute couple.


Let’s go, so we can buy some snacks” Prince said.

Thank you for the treat” Lalet laughing

Oh no, I always treat you, and I can’t remember that you treat me even a candy” boy replied.

Hahaha, please, Mr. Cutie” she continues teasing him.

Okay..Okay..It would be my last to treat you of food” the boy added

Then what

Then, after that, I’ll treat you my princes


Every night, Lalet can’t sleep, she always think about what Prince said to her…“Then, after that, I’ll treat you my princes.”

Three weeks before the Senior Prom, the campus was busy preparing for all the decoration and presentation on the said event and the two of them were excited.

“Who will be my first dance, I’m so excited?” Lalet said,

Prince laughs at her and said, “Nobody will gonna dance with you in the prom!”

We’ll said, you’re so bitter, I hate you!” the girl replied,

The boy looked at her and laugh, “Why so serious, haha, take a glance in the mirror, and see your chubby face.”

I hate you!” Lalet added.


Every afternoon, they both climb on the tree house and they play and eat together.  Having their friendship is the best of all.


One week before the Prom, the two of them take a walk on a park.


Prince gave her a French fries and a burger.

Lalet begins to hysterical “Why you take you so long, I’m hungry!”

Hahahaha, you are always hungry when I looked you!”

“And you’re so cute.” Prince added.

Lalet calmed down when she already bitten the hamburger.

The boy laughs “HAHAHA, only food can take your mouth shot.”

Thank you best friend for spoiling me and giving happiness every day of my life.” Lalet said.


Clair, a friend of Lalet, comes toward to them and having a conversation with them.

Hi, Prince, what’s up?” Clair asks.

“Very we’ll fine, I’m so excited on our Senior Prom this coming Saturday night.” The boy replied.

Yeah, me too, can you be my escort on that night?” girl asks.

Prince was shocked, “hahaha, why  me? Let’s see.”


Lalet got jealous on that moment and she wanted to go home.


Roger, a close friend of Prince, saw them at the park. He gave a piece of bread and soft drinks to Lalet as Prince and Clair busy talking to each other.

Lalet was jealos and she wanted to take a walk.

Roger, let’s have a walk. I’m too bored here.”

Then, okay.” Roger said

How long you will hide your true feelings to him?” Roger prankly asks Lalet.

Then the girl replied, “I don’t know, I’m afraid… I guess she didn’t me consider as special

The boy smiled at her, “That’s impossible…I have a plan

Be straight to him, and tell your feeling on that night. Tell to him that you love him.”

B-B-But…”, Lalet shocked, “I don’t want to lose our friendship.”

It’s up to you, just tell your feelings before it’s too late.” Roger added and he left her.


Emcee: “Welcome to all seniors, the year end is approaching. Let us gather together and shared a lovely memories to each other. Tonight, is our special night…Guys, grab now your partners and have your first dance….music maestro..”


“Prince, where are you?” Lalet got mad to him.

Grrr, I missed that guy…Where is that Guy..”

And then she was looking at him over the place…


As she was approaching on the garden, Lalet saw Prince and Clair talking to each other. And she got more jealous than ever before.

She cried and left the Prom.


The girl keeps on crying until she got home and talking to herself, “Prince, why you did this to me, you hurt my feelings, how I wish that I told you before, what my true feelings before it’s too late.”


Then at the same night, the girl’s mom told her that Prince is waiting for her outside the door.


Mom, please tell to him that I don’t like to see him anymore.” Lalet said.


Then the boy left.


Monday morning, Lalet noticed that Prince is absent on the class.

And a couple weeks goes by, the boy totally does not come to class anymore.


Lalet went on their house and she was shocked when she found out that Prince goes to States.


I thought, you already know?” Angel, sister of Prince, surprising asks her.

On weekend, I’ll go to States too…” she added.


Then tears run down on his face and she is crying all night long at home.


Six months later.


Lalet heard a vechicle from their neighbor, and she is hoping that she might see Prince.

She takes a bath and wears nice dress. She was happy and excited to see her best friend.


She run towards the street and Angel saw her approaching towards to her.


Hi Angel, good to see you, and I’m happy that all of you come back.”

“Where is Prince?” Lalet asked.


Then Angel raised her hands and pointing out on the Tree House.


Lalet run on the tree and climb faster as she can but nobody is up there.


Angel, nobody is here, where is Prince?”


Then Angel climbs up.


Did you.... see that….. jar? I’m the one…. who placed it there…… because Prince told me so.” Angel slowly talking to her, “Here’s the letter for you.”


And when Lalet opened the letter, tears run down on her face…

The letter goes by……

To my best friend Lourisse,


Hi, how are you? I hope you are okay now? I’m sorry that I didn’t tell that I will go to States. I was about to tell you, but your mom told me that you don’t want to see me anymore, so I decided to keep it a secret. But anyway, I am writing to you because I just want you to know that I’ve been in love with you since we are on the sixth grade.. Yes, you’re right. I’m in love with you.

Every time I looked at you, I feel nervous and cold. Until such time we had grown up, my feeling for you is always the same. It took me a year to understand that why should I leave you when you have a problem…. not because you are friend, but because you are so special to me, and I meant it.

I’m afraid to tell you that I’m in love… I’m afraid that you will reject me…I’m sorry..

I treasure all the moments we had…riding on a bus with you.. eating.. teasing.. laughing with you… going from nowhere…  I treasured that….

Do you remember that when we are on the park? I feel jealous when you are talking with Roger. And I looking for you that time but I failed.

And everynight, I prayed that God will open your heart to love me also….. Here comes the Prom, I and Clair talking to each other. I’m asking her, what should I say to you, because that night, I want to become true to you. I would rather to tell my feeling for you before it’s too late…but…I looked after you, and I failed again…

I came at your house, but your mom told me that you don’t want to see me anymore. My heart broke at that time, because I lose a best friend like you, and I cried for a week. I’ve missed you and… I love you so much.. But I failed again….

Lourisse….I had a leukemia… did you see that jar? I told my sister whenever I die, just place my ashes on that jar and placed it on the tree house. This place is so special for us..

Don’t forget that I love you since we are in childhood and until now. I love you my dear bestfriend. Keep fighting on your dreams. And be true to yourself before it’s too late… because your bestfriend, had failed…

I love you and goodbye.


Loving you intimately, Prince.



Then Lalet cried aloud…





© Copyright 2018 Juan Gabriel. All rights reserved.

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