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a short story of a creation of a world to allow humanity to start all over again and progress farther than the present world.

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



The clock was already counting down. Sarah lifted the long sleeve of her shirt to reveal a watch. On it displayed a timer which counted the final minutes left. She knew she had to hurry if she was going to be on time. As she sped by the metropolitan city, the L.E.D. boards was airing the latest breaking news. 'METEOR HARVEY FLOATING CLOSER. NASA DECLARED IMPACT UNAVOIDABLE' read the headlines for the day's breaking news. As Sarah walked, she noticed the crowd being more rowdy than before. Everyone was in a state of panic. She passed a news reporter and caught a few words. 'This metropolitan city which was once a great economic spotlight has fallen into turmoil. The police force are doing all they can to uphold the peace, but many speculate that they have lost control of the city.' The news reporter stated while trying to focus on the camera. Sarah tried her best to ignore all the chaos and hastened her steps. When she reached an old building, she sighed with relief. She knocked softly twice, her heart beating rapidly. Her knocks were replied quickly by a man who wore a black hoodie and signaled her to enter. Sarah followed the man through a maze of stairs and empty halls until they reached a small room, monitors littered everywhere. Finally, the man spoke 'Did you bring it?'. 'Yes,' Sarah replied, 'But are you sure this will work?' she inquired while struggling to walk without tripping on electric cables that took up almost the whole floor. 'You are dad's most trusted employee. I believe that this program you wrote will work.' The man replied. With that, he looked behind him where a dusty portrait of an older man sat.  The man had a square head with straight, brown hair. The most distinct feature of the man is his hazel-coloured eyes that sparked with intelligence. After a short silence, Sarah put her hand into her sling bag and took out a hard drive and handed it to the man. The man took the hard drive and plugged it into a computer that he had in front of him. He typed a few lines of code into the computer and stopped when encountered a launcher. Sarah immediately asked 'What are you doing? Just launch it already!'. The man turned to face Sarah and stared at her, as if considering something. Sarah started to feel uncomfortable, which was unusual for her as she knows this man very well. She wanted to speak but no words could come out of her mouth. After a silence that felt like forever, a beeping sound came from her watch to signify the last minute. The man finally spoke; 'You do know what launching this program will mean, right?'. 'Of course I do. I wrote it myself. And as you said, it will work.'. Upon hearing the reply, the man let out a soft chuckle, and stared at the monitor once again. He then said with a joking manner; 'You know, this program is going against my father's beliefs. But that's okay, I guess. As long as it works.'. He then finally clicked to launch the program. As scripts of code start to flicker and fill the screen, The man turned and held Sarah's hand. 'Finally, you made my father's theory come true. This program will run itself, and hopefully will build a better world for them.'. Sarah smiled and said; 'The program is without form. It will survive even if we don't.'. With this, the man moved closer to Sarah and hugged her tightly. Suddenly, another alarm can be heard from Sarah's watch. The timer is up. Shortly after, an earthquake shattered the ground and the ceiling fell from it's position. Before the monitor was destroyed, it read; 'PROGRAM </adam_eve.exe> SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHED'.

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