The Kingdoms

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First ever book writing. Don't judge me, please.

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



Once upon a time, there were 3 kingdoms. They all worship Raven lord, so they tried to occupy Sharpsburg. The god's land. 
These kingdoms fight for several years. The queen of ice has lived for so many years. She can generate ice by herself. The king of fie just passed away. His son Prince Jacob is going to be the next king. He doesn't know any spells yet. the king of thunder is a tough man. He went to the mountain for many years just to train his spells. He's the most powerful king in all 3.
Sharpsburg is a holy land, but after 3 kingdoms started the war. It got cursed by the Raven Lord. Raven Lord is the leader of the hollow.It's a death army. They don't belong to any kingdoms. 

Chapter 1 The Thunder Appeared.

One day, a lightning strike next to the Ice Kingdom. The Peasant ran to the palace and said," Queen. There are big thunderbolts next to our land and the guards haven't report back." The Queen was shocked and shouted," Get our wizards and warriors ready! We are going to the Thunderbolts' location. Let the archer team guard the kingdom. Get my Blizzard ready."  Blizzard is an Icebird. It flies faster than anything in the world.  When they all arrived at the Thunderbolts' location.  It was the Thunderbird. The most powerful bird in the world. Blizzard went up and froze the Thunderbird. Suddenly, The Thunder King and his army came. They were all ready to battle. The Thunderbird broke out of the Ice and flew away. The ThunderKing shouted," God dang it, Elizabeth. You let him get away." Elizabeth replied," Not today, Wallace." 
King Wallace got mad and strikes a lightning bolt on Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth was fast and blocked it with an Ice wall. Suddenly, a few Fireball aimed at King Wallace. King Wallace dodged them. "Isn't that Jacob the Fire prince?" Wallace asked. 
"No longer a prince anymore. I'm a king now." Jacob replied. 
Elizabeth shouted," Retreat! I'm not joining your little party. I'm just here to defend my land." Wallace warned Jacob to go back and train. Jacob got a little bit afraid and called retreat, too. He got away with his FIre horse, Kenny. 
Back to the Ice Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth and her best warrior, David, Discussed the situation about the Thunderbird. " It's the  f
first meetup this year." David replied," Yea. I'll go to the mines tomorrow. I'll check the Skeleton mercenaries going to help us or not." Elizabeth replied,"Okay, stay safe." At the same time in the Thunder Kingdom.  "It's almost Winter." said by Wallace. His advisor, Bob, replied," We have to take down the Fire Kingdom before Winter. Their King, Jacob, is still young. We can destroy them easily." Wallace replied," Good idea. Get the soldiers ready. We will start the start the march in midnight." Later that night. David came out of the mine with the Skeleton Mercenaries leader
 "You guys will get rewarded after the war." David said. "Sure we will." The leader replied. On the way back to the Ice Kingdom.  David got attack by a few dark wolves. He pulled out his ice sword and froze most of them, but one of the wolves bite and killed his horse. David killed him, too. The last wolf got scared and back off a little. David said,"Hey buddy, calm down. You can be my ride. It's okay. I'm not going to kill you." He took the saddle off the horse's body and put it on the dark wolf. "I'll call you Jarno now." He said and ride Jarno back to the Ice Kingdom. 

Chapter 2 : Things goes hot.

The next day. Jarno was learning some spells. suddenly his general rushed into the palace and shouted,"Sir! The Thunder army has arrived Darvin hill. We need to stop them before it's too late!" Jacob replied,"What! Get my Kenny and the army ready!" Later, he hopped on Kenny and lead his army to the Darvin hill.  At the same time in Ice kingdom. The scout rushed in and shouted,"Queen!  The Thunder army is attacking the Fire Kingdom. They just arrived Darvin Hill." "What!" The queen was surprised. She shouted," Get my Blizzy ready! We're going to Sharpsburg." Everyone in the Ice Kingdom is getting ready for war. The citizens are trying to get safe. At the same time. David got back to the Ice Kingdom with Jarno. "What happened?" David asked the guards. The guards were terrified and said," The Thunder Kingdom starts attacking the Fire Kingdom. We are going to Sharpsburg to be ready for war." David got shocked when he heard it. He went into the palace and asked Elizabeth,
"We're going to Sharpsburg?"  The Queen was anxious and wearing her coat. She replied," Yes. We are. This might be the end of the war." After the words. She hopped on Blizzard and asked," You coming?" David thought about Going to the mines again, but he replied," Yea. I'll be ready in a second." 

Chapter 3: Wait..... What???

Wallace was on his way to Darvin HIll. Suddenly his scout came up and said," Sir. The Ice Kingdom is going to Sharpsburg. What shall we do? We might get surrounded." Wallace heard it and thought about it. He shouted" Turn left! To Sharpsburg. When they arrived at Sharpsburg. Elizabeth and her army already got there and ready to battle. Another way is Jacob. He and his army went there just in time. Elizabeth sits on her Blizzy and shouted," Everyone is here, great...."Wallace got angry and shouted,"This is MY Land!!!" Jacob was confused and laughed," Said by who?"When they were arguing. The ground started to shake. It's like the world is gonna split into 2 pieces. "Mwahahahaha!" The giant in the middle laughed . He climbed up from the cracked ground. The dark smoke started to come out from the giant. Jacob shouted," What is happening?" The giant replied," You have summoned Raven Lord!!! You shall know my curse!" They finally realized that they triggered the Raven Lord's curse, that is fighting in Sharpsburg the holy land. 
The ground keeps shaking and the Dark Skeleton army climbed up from the ground. Elizabeth shouted to Blizzard,"Blizzy freeze them all!" Blizzard flew around Raven Lord and freezing his Dark Skeleton army. Raven Lord tried to punch Blizzard, but Blizzard was too fast. Elizabeth shouted again. "Blizzy go back to the kingdom!" Then the whole Ice Army started to retreat. Wallace summoned Thunder strikes on Raven Lord, but it didn't do any damage. Jacob was scared and he ran away. "Aim at the Dark Skeleton army!" Wallace shouted. He retreated with a few parts of his army and left the rest fight in Sharpsburg. The army killed a lot of them, but the Dark Skeleton army keeps climbing up from the ground. They all died in this battle. 
Elizabeth rushed back to the Kingdom. David was about to go to Sharpsburg, but he got stopped by Elizabeth. David asked why, but Elizabeth didn't reply. She went to the Thunder Kingdom on her own with Blizzard. In Sharpsburg Raven Lord's giant birds got out of underground and flew to all 3 kingdoms. One of the bird arrived at the Thunder Kingdom. Wallace shouted," Take that stupid bird down!" Suddenly Elizabeth arrived at his palace. She walked towards Wallace and shouted," Wallace!" Wallace turned around and asked," What are you doing here, Elizabeth?" She replied," We need to be united to stop this Curse. If we don't our kingdoms will get destroyed." Wallace was a bit terrified and asked,"But how?" Elizabeth hopped on Blizzard and said," Hop on. I'll show you"
Wallace hopped on Blizzard and went to the Iron Mountain. 
Jarno was commanding his soldiers to kill the Cursed birds. Suddenly his scout went into his palace and said," Sir. We spotted Queen Elizabeth and her Blizzard with King Wallace heading to Iron Mountain." Jacob replied," No way they are bringing him back alive. Where's my Kenny?" His scout pointed the direction and Jacob ran to it. He hopped on Kenny and ran as fast as Kenny can to Iron Mountain. 

Chapter 4: Dragon Lord appeared.

Blizzard arrived the Iron Mountain. They saw a 3 Head Hydra. Wallace jumped down from Blizzard and summoned thunder strikes on Hydra. Elizabeth shouted," Wallace No!! Don't cut their heads, They make more of it! Elizabeth rides on Blizzard and freezes Hydra's head while Wallace rushing to Hydra's heart. Suddenly Jacob came and pulled out his fire sword and cut the Hydra's tail.  The Hydra was too hurt, so he bumped up. At that time Wallace strikes his thunder beam on Hydra's heart. The Hydra laid on top of the mountain. Jacob, Elizabeth, and Wallace walked in front of the Hydra. Suddenly the Hydra turned into dust and be gone in the air. "What just happened." Jacob asked. Suddenly 3 pillars started to rise up from the ground. One marked the pattern of Ice. Another one marked the pattern of Thunder. The last one marked the pattern of Fire. Elizabeth said," Let's strike our powers on the pillars." Jacob and Wallace agreed and started to strike their power on the pillars. 
The power surrounded the power and made a circle on top of the pillars. They combined together and hit the middle of the mountain. Everyone started to walk to the spot that got hit. "ROARRRRR" A dragon noise goes so loud that in people heard it from the Ice Kingdom. At the same time in Sharpsburg. "They spawned him." said by Raven Lord. He commanded his Dark Skeleton soldiers starts attacking the Kingdoms. In the Iron Mountain, Jacob hopped on Kenny, Elizabeth and Wallace got on Blizzard. They went to the middle of the mountain. When they arrived, Elizabeth can't believe what she saw." Oh My Lord." She said. Blizzard landed. "Who summoned me." Said by the Dragon in the middle of the mountain. Elizabeth asked," Are you, Iden!? Iden the god of dragons." "Yes. I'm Iden. Why you summoned me?" Iden asked back. Elizabeth explained everything that happened. Iden replied," Raven Lord isn't a god. He's a demon. He made everyone believe that Real Gods are demons and he's the only god in the world." Wallace was shocked and asked," How are we going to stop him? People are dying" Iden calmly replied to him," I can handle him. The god will hear us. He will help us when we are battling Raven Lord." Elizabeth saw the smoke from the Ice Kingdom. She said," There's no time for that. We have to go back to my Kingdom." Iden said," Sure." Jacob replied." I'm heading back to my kingdom." I'll meet you guys in the battle." Wallace replied," Stay safe. Young king." Then they flew away." 

Chapter 5: All out war.

On the way back to the Ice Kingdom. They saw thunder strikes in the middle of the forest. Elizabeth told Blizzard to fly to the location. Iden followed. It was the Thunder Bird that escaped last time. Wallace jumped down from Blizzard and land in front of the Thunder Bird. Iden went low on the Thunder Bird. The Thunder Bird bailed down kneeled down immediately. Iden said to the Thunder Bird," This man will be your owner from now. If you deny means you deny the god's order." Wallace hopped on the Thunder Bird and said," I'll call you ..... Kevin ..... for now... I think." Kevin flew up and followed Blizzard and Iden to the Ice Kingdom. When Elizabeth arrived in the Ice Kingdom. Her scout ran to him and said," Ma'am the Dark Skele army has arrived the old mine." Elizabeth shouted," Get ready for battle!" Wallace hopped on Kevin and flew back to his Kingdom. When he arrived. They Dark Skeleton was already breaching his Kingdom wall. Iden followed him at the back. Wallace summoned some Thunder strikes on the Dark Skeleton army. Iden used the Dragon Pulse on the Dark Skeletons. They retreated immediately. Everyone in the Kingdom was cheering, but Wallace went down and tell them don't cheer yet. Because they haven't killed the Raven Lord. Another side of the land. Jacob went back to his Kingdom. There is no Dark Skeleton army coming to his Kingdom. So he told his generals to gear up and bring every single warrior they have to Sharpsburg. Queen Elizabeth and her warriors started marching to Sharpsburg. Iden flew over and Roar.All of the Dragons and birds fall into Iden's control. They destroyed most of the Dark Skeleton army. And they keep flying around Raven Lord. Raven Lord tried to punch them, but he's too slow so every birds and dragon dodged his attack. He summoned another wave of Dark Skeleton armies.
The kingdoms warriors surrounded Sharpsburg and charging in. Elizabeth on Blizzard shouted,"Destroy Raven Lord! He's not our lord anymore!." Jacob rushed into the battleground with his Fire Sword. He led the ground warriors to fight the Dark Skeleton. Suddenly in the forest. There are loud noises coming near Sharpsburg. It's the wolves! They started to attack the Dark Skeleton army and Raven Lord's feet. Iden used his Dragon Pulse on Raven Lord. He backed off a bit. He shouted," Everyone leaves Sharpsburg! The god is coming!" The kingdom warriors started to retreat back to their kingdoms. 

Chapter 6: God Appeared

There's only Iden Raven Lord, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Wallace in Sharpsburg. Suddenly the clouds started to cover Sharpsburg. "How dare you curse my land!" The voice inside clouds said. Suddenly the Underworld's gate opened in Sharpsburg. A giant hand came out of the Underworld. It dragged Raven Lord's right foot. "No!!!" Raven Lord shouted painfully. Iden hit him with his Dragon Pulse again. "I will be back!" Raven Lord shouted and got dragged into the Underworld, and the gate closed. The Voice in the cloud said," Good job Iden. I will no longer take you back to sleep." Iden smiled and replied," Thank you, Lord." The Lord replied,"I demand you protect this land from Raven Lord." Iden replied,"Yes, my lord." Elizabeth replied,"Thank you for saving us, Lord." The Lord replied," It's not a big deal. Just trying to stop Raven Lord." Wallace, Jacob, and Elizabeth said,"Thank you." 

Chapter 7: The end?

A few years later. Sharpsburg remains peace. The three kingdoms are rebuilt. They created a watch post on Sharpsburg and let Iden stayed there. The Underworld's gate will open in anytime. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. It will.

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