Amy's Perilous Promise

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Amy and her friends are worried about things that might be happening to her friend, who is in Germany. She wanted him to go with her to Hawaii, and due to that, her mother had to postpone the trip.
Amy's younger sister, Lexi, despises her friends, while her older sister, Gloria, is just too nosy. Her oldest brother, Louis, could quite literally boss Amy right out of the house. And then
there's her youngest sister, Bella, who is the quietest of the bunch. yep, Amy is the middle child. Even though she is, people are finally starting to notice her in the family. Bella had always
noticed her older sister, and even more than that, she adored her. But everyone else in the family hates her for making them postpone the trip to Hawaii. Amy promised to fly to Germany. her mother
said to stay safe. Will Amy ever gain the trust of everyone in the family besides her mom and Bella? And will she ever find her friend? Or will she be forever lost in Germany, lonely and alone?

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Happy Birthday

Submitted: September 30, 2017

I looked at Bella, smiling at her question. "Hey, Amy? Can you please help with my homework?" "I'm surprised you're not asking Lo... Read Chapter