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The twins, Anya and Maya, with their best friend, Violet have adventures around the world. They fight villains, monstrous creatures, and solve mysteries wherever they go.

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



The adventures of Anya, Maya & Violet

Trinity Chiew

The adventure begins

Chapter 1 the landing disaster

When a 14-year old Anya peered out of the airplane window, her heart leaped with excitement and happiness. She had been on countless vacations with her family, but this was her first ever encounter to a historical Landmark and that historical landmark was Egypt the famous place of pharaohs, Mummies and Pyramids. There was golden colored sand as far as the eye could see!

Someone tapped her on the shoulder, as if to get her attention. Anya looked over her, and saw her twin sister, Maya. The twins were the same in countless ways. But there was only one way to tell the differences, and that was their glasses. Even though they both wore glasses, they had different colors. Anya’s were red, and Maya’s were blue. “I’ve got good news and bad news.” said Maya. “The good news is that we’re here in Egypt.”

“Then what’s the bad news?”

“The bad news is that Mom and Dad are giving us another lecture about Egypt.” “Not again!” groaned Anya. We’ve heard lectures every time we go on vacation! And they’re ALWAYS boring.”

The twins parents, Nathan and Marge, were about to start the lecture when suddenly there was a grinding noise from the engine. “That doesn't sound good” Nathan muttered to Marge. As soon as that sentence was said the grinding engine stopped and they plunged down on the sand! “AHHHH!!!” screamed Marge, “We’re going to crash!!!” With a crash and a thud the plane was down 3 seconds flat. Luckily no one looked hurt, “Hold on. Where’s mum and dad?” asked Anya.

“I have absolutely no idea, they’ve just…disappeared!”

Chapter 2 a new friend

Without their parents, the twins were cold and hungry, since they had left their jackets in their parent’s luggage; they were not able to have it back unless they had any kind of evidence that it was their mum and dad’s. “Now what do we do now, Anya?” Maya asked. “We got no warmth because our jackets were in mum and dad’s luggage, and we don’t have money for any food! And I’m starving!”

“Could you at least calm down, Maya? Luckily, I brought two sleeping bags for us to sleep in on the street. But we don’t have a tent to sleep in!”

Before Maya could protest, both the teenage twins fell asleep, and thought no more.

The next morning, they found themselves, not on the street, but in a mansion bedroom. The twins looked up, and a voice behind them said. “Glad to see you awake. What the heck were you doing on the street, sleeping?”

The twins turned around and saw a young girl, no older than 11, with purple glasses and a ponytail.

“Who are you?” The twins asked together.

“My name is Violet. I am so pleased to meet you two.” answered Violet.

“Uh, Violet, how are you pleased to meet us if you hardly know us? We just met!” Maya said with a curious look.

“Ah, that is the thing.” Violet answered.

“What is the thing?” Anya asked with a puzzled look.

And that was when the twins found out how she looked familiar and how their parents disappeared.

Chapter 3 the story of Violet

“Violet, it’s lunch time!” A voice yelled from downstairs.” “That’s my mum calling me girls; would you like to join us for lunch time?” Violet asked.

The twins looked at each other with delight and said together, “Yes, please!”

And so, after a delicious lunch of fish and chips, the trio raced towards Violet’s bedroom which had silk drapes hanging from the window, and a four-poster bed. The walls were colored purple and aqua. Violet then motioned the twins to sit down on a pink couch next to the window. Then she started her story.

When I first saw you two twins, I knew you two were important in a way. You were descendants from the goddess of war, Athena. I once heard a prophecy of 2 twins joining an 11 year old girl (That’s me), and stopping a man who had once loved your mum before she had loved Nathan. The man, Sam, was determent to kidnap Nathan and Marge just so to get revenge for his love. And alas, he had succeeded. Now, it is up to us and a little help from the goddess, we can stop Sam and save your parents.


“Well, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Let’s go!!!” Anya shouted to Maya and Violet. Little did they know an adventure is about to begin.

Chapter 4 the journey begins

And so, for the past two weeks, they had been getting ready to travel to Mount Olympus, the Mountain where the gods and goddess’s live.

After about an hour or so, the girls finally finished their planning and started their long journey to the mountain.

After years of travelling, through storms, through desert sandstorms, the girls finally had made it to mount Olympus. The girls look like huntresses now, the twins and Violet had grown older now. The twins were now 18 year old, while Violet was 16 years old. They hardly look recognizable! They just hoped the goddess would recognize them.

Chapter 5 Meeting the goddess

“Just…how long…left…until we… get there?”  Maya panted, who looked like she was going to faint if she walked another mile or so.

Not long. Another mile maybe? I’m not entirely sure.”

“ANOTHER MILE!?” Maya shouted

“Groan. This is going to be a long hike.” Anya sighed.

At last about a hundred hours later (Give or take a few), The girls finally made it to Mount Olympus, where they could see The Goddess of war, Athena, waiting for them so they could begin their rescue to the twins parents.

“Welcome, Anya, Maya and Violet.” Athena said in a silvery voice. “You three girls are about to journey to places no one had ever known, that only gods and goddesses know of.”

“But then, how will we know where to go if only you guys know of?” Maya asked with a curious look.

Athena smiled. “Why, with this map, of course! This will guide you to Sam’s secret lair. And this,” Athena said as she handed the girls a ruby ring each. “This will give you power to cross any type of problem! Oh, and one more thing. Follow me first.” Athena glided over to a room, and the trio quickly followed her, the goddess opens the door wide, and behind her, the girls gaped with surprise. From floor to ceiling, there were weapons and armors of all kind. Swords, daggers, bow and arrows, you name it. Athena then said “Help yourselves to any weapon and armor.” No sooner than she said that, the girls raced into the room and began to find what they wanted.

After 10-30 minutes later, the trio was set. Anya had a Bow and arrow, a sword and a shield; Maya had a sword and shield; Violet had a dagger and shield. All the girls had iron armor. As they set off, Athena shouted “Good luck! May the gods be with you!

Chapter 5 Betrayed!

“So, here’s our plan. Maya, you go to the cells and find mum and dad. Violet, you go find Sam and try to reason with him.” Anya said to the team.

“What are you doing then, Anya?” Violet asked.

“I’ll be dealing with Sam’s minions.” Anya answered.

So, the trio went into the deep dark cave, and found… Marge and Nathan!

“Mum, dad, what are you doing here?” The twins asked with shock.

“Oh, girls, I’m so sorry! I’ve been working for Sam all along!” Marge “said with disappointment.

  But before the girls could say anymore, someone hit them on the head hard, and then, they fainted.

Chapter 6 the escape

The girls woke up and found themselves in what seems like a prison cell they tried to talk or even move. But they couldn’t. They were tied together in a bundle, and they were tape-gagged. The girls looked at each other, losing hope. Suddenly, the gate door opened up and in came Marge. She went over to Maya and ripped off the duct tape. As soon as the tape was off and she was untied, she began hitting her mum on every inch she could find.

“You---betrayer---how---could---you---be---working---with---Sam---if---you---were---looking---after---us---all---along!” Maya said as she punched her mum after each word.

“Now Maya, calm down. I had to because…I was a spy for Sam.”


“You see I was forced to because I---”

Maya didn’t want to wait for her mum to finish her sentence, because she killed her right on the spot!

“Mff!” Anya muffled.

“Oh, I nearly forgot about you two!” Maya said as she walked over to Anya and began to untie her.

When everyone was untied, they walked over to Marge.

“What do we do with her now, Maya?” Violet asked.

“It’s so simple, Vi. We just leave her here and pretend that it wasn’t our problem.

“Remember your sword, Maya.” Anya reminded her.

“Thanks.” Maya said as she got her sword out of marge’s body. There was blood everywhere.

“Yuck, let’s get out of here. Blood makes me sick.” Violet said to the twins.

“I’m not surprised. You’re already turning green.” The twins chuckled.

“Let’s go. We’ve got to kill Sam, remember? Let’s go find him.”



Chapter 7 Attack!!!

 The team ventured out into the majestic palace underground. They searched each and every room in the corridor, until finally; they found the throne room, in which they saw Sam sitting on the chair, sneering.

“I see that you girls have broken free from your cell. But not for long.” Sam said, grinning with evilness. “Guards, take those girls, tied them and gag them then take them back to their cells.”

The guards tried to fight the girls but they were no match from them, because they became huntresses when they ventured to Mount Olympus, so they took out all the guards in 3 slashes of a sword.

Sam gaped with awe, for he had never seen such hunting or fighting talent from girls, especially from that lot.

“Fine.” Sam said to the group. “I’ll just kill you myself.” But what he didn’t know is that Violet snuck up from behind and killed Sam before he could work out why there were only two girls in front of him.
























© Copyright 2018 Trinity C. All rights reserved.

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