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a spoken word poem I wrote a long time ago that was never perfect enough to read to the person I wrote it for.

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



I can't write when I'm happy.

But part of me wants to write for you.

But the way you make me feel is happy. So instead I leave my hand shivering on the page waiting for the right words to flow out that can tell you how I feel about you and maybe, just maybe, make you fall in love with me a little bit more.

But I'm happy.

But just because of the way you make me feel doesn't mean you don't deserve to be written about, to be thought about.

But I can't write when I'm happy because I'd rather be spending my time with you then throwing my feelings on a page for you to listen to once it's all done.

But happiness is a wall between me and writing and as much as I try to use every muscle in my body to rocket myself over that wall, I can't because you're on the same side of the wall as me holding my hand and making me happy in the spot I'm in and I don't want to move.

Even as I try to write about how you make me happy, I'm writing about being unhappy about being happy. Because I can't write about something that makes me happy.

Although I can't write about the feeling that you cause deep inside my heart, I can't write about you, I can write about wanting to.

And hopefully, even if I can't write about how I feel, you can see it in the way I smile when I see you or when my phone lights up with your name and my eyes light up just the same.

Because you make me happy.

And I hate you for the fact that you make me so happy that I can't even write for you but fuck do I love you for it.

Because I'd rather spend my time with you than writing about you.

Because I'd rather let my cold shivering hand hold yours for warmth instead of waiting for a spark of emotion in my words.

Because I'd rather let you fall for me without the magical power of words in sentences and phrases and rhymes that is poetry.

Because I can't write when I'm happy, but this one was made for you.

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