Khikayatum of Jeanna

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This poem is dedicated to Jeanna Friske, the famous Russian pop-singer who was died due to some kind of cancer. Rest in peace.

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017




This poem is dedicated to Jeanna Friske (in Russian is pronounced as “Zhanna”), the famous Russian pop-singer who was died due to some kind of cancer. Rest in peace.

Khikayatum is a history or fairy tale in Arabic. The main thing is that Khikayatum maybe a history or story (a new or old one). This word much more significant than English “history” or “story.” For this poem I had also selected this word associated with an infinite idea.

It was written like a monologue of the resurrected singer in the paradise. Although she gave birth to a son named Plato, she was died after three years (they named him according to the famous philosopher, in Russian “Platon”). She has found Dmitry Shepelev which have been her cohabitant (not exactly a husband as written in English Wikipedia). However, he together with Jeanna’s father around three years have argued due to Platon after her death.


I look at their eyes
I see a flame in their eyes
What they played?
I hadn’t realized

I didn’t break any glasses
Nobody didn’t break me
I see a flame in their eyes
What they played?
I hadn’t realized

I can see a fire, after that a fog will come
They are touch to everyone, but what for?
That’s who is breaking glasses
What they played, what’s purposes?

I am be sun
I am be anyone
Also, I can love someone
I am breaking up myself
You must understand
But I have to go up

This summer never have been similar to another
I don’t know what could be better than specific order?
However, there came such a moment
As if I come back to my home
It seems to me, I found one I was looking for
Although I blame myself

Nothing changes,
No one will be hurt
I’ll be back again and again,
If you’ll remember me
Just keep me in your memory

Thanks a lot for keeping me in your mind
I really appreciate it
You are much better than anyone in my life

I didn’t know that you are existed
Your feels so seemed to true
Just keep your feelings
You got my flavor
It makes a holiday,
Except for some naysayer

So what, I’m a star, falling star
I’m bored and I’m want to come back
But I’ll show up my flame
It’s true, I’m want to come back

They had blamed me due to cancer disease
My disease becomes the wisest sense of the word
Church bell has rung in every corner of the world
Because I’m a star, falling star,
My fire has lit up.

I’d never seen bridges before,
But they’re existed, I know,
I’m a best creator than anyone.
I create them on my own, and I understand
I’ve got this bridge

I didn’t understand how much I was closer to you,
But somebody thinks madness is madness
When people have climactic relationships
They don’t care about each other,
After that people stay alone, they want to believe.

For a long time I understand everything
Farewell, forget about me,
I hope we’ll connect in the isometry.

Somebody says to be beauty means crazy,
I was born with a golden spoon
I have smart and beautiful
I was an engineer,
I wanted to be a singer,
Because of this, on a good moment
I wanted to go against any opponents
I would go anywhere

After my graduation, I am swimming on the death see
Anyone didn’t understand me,
Because nobody knows what’s isometry
When I spoke with them,
I was close to victory than anybody else thinks,
And now it’s so far away for me.
I was very smart,
And nobody care about me.
You must remember my words,
I have no choice, I’ll keep going
But I will miss those,
For whom I was dear before I was forgotten

Sorry about this,
Forget these things,
We want to be two rings.


Our meaningless quarrel,
It was started due to papers
Let’s just you keep quiet,
I don’t want to cry in front of a mirror.

I smiled at every photo,
I was always happy,
Let’s pretend
(After my death)
Nothing changed

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