The Sand Bugs

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summer beach death

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



It was a hot summer day in july , the beach was busy with people from all over. the sand was very hot every one tip toe threw the hot sand . one month a go a ship was loaded with toxic waste which was going to a far a way island . out of no where came a huge storm with monster winds and rain the ship was turn over from a huge wave. toxic waste traveled all way to the beach and soaked in to the sand. created a toxic bug life of deadly fanged creatures. millions was deep below the sand just wating.  now its july the beach is packed with people having fun on the beach and the water.far down the beach a couple was taking a walk with there dog. then the dog saw the sand move and started barking and in seconds the dog was gone. the couple turn around but the dog was no where insite .they made a few steps then millions of toxic bugs coverd them it was so fast they did not have a chance to stream . they was strip to bones and fell in to the sand.  the bugs started up the beach toward the people having fun.the fun turn in to deadly streams. people was running with thousands of bloody fang bugs stripping the skin off there bodys. some people escape to the water and stood there in shock as every one was being eaten a live. a woman had her cell phone and called the police .when the police got to the beach all they saw was human bloody bones all over the sand.  there was a few people in the water crying. they yell at the two policeman not to walk on the sand but it was to late. they was eaten by the bugs. the army new about the toxic waste that cause the bugs to to keep the world from finding out they sent a jet to drop a powerful bomb to wipe out every thing even the few people that was stranded in the water to keep them from talking . as the jet flew over the few standing in the water saw the bomb drop and hug each other for the last time. and then the beach was gone.  but what they did not no there was a nother beach on the other side of the ocean and the sand was moving god help those people,the end

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