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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Submitted: October 04, 2017




The glare of the lamp off the wooden table made my head ache. “This whole thing is ridiculous,” I muttered to myself while wiping the table down. How had I gone from wandering to being a servant? I had better things to do, like regain my magic.

“You missed a spot,” Rachel’s voice chimed out from the entrance.

Not bothering to look at her, I continued steadily running the cloth along the surface. “Don’t you have better things to do than harass me?”

“What are you talking about? I just like to make sure my room’s clean. Besides, I was in the middle of talking to my magic instructor and now I’m going to rest. I’d appreciate it if you left a woman to sleep in peace.”

Finally dropping the cloth, I turned around and approached the princess. “You have a magic instructor? He teaches you magic?”

She scowled, clearly impatient with my simple questions. “Yes, I just said that. Why?”

I pondered my answer slowly, biding time before answering. “Perhaps you would be willing to let him teach me?”

She laughed and waved a hand dismissively. “Of course not! You must be joking. Ah, you’re such a funny one.”

Even though her answer had been pretty much what I predicted, I still felt a twinge of annoyance at her demeanor when speaking. “Whatever,” I hissed, “I’ll just go clean that room down the hall.”

“Which room?”

“Why? You gonna follow me or something?”

“Just tell me which room.” Her voice contained a hidden edge to it that seemed rather out-of-character.

“You know, the room down the hall. The one I first saw when I climbed in through the window. It’s empty but looks fancy.”

The air between us fell silent, suddenly filled with an unknown tension. What had I said? “Please…do not go in that room.”


“I said please do not go in that room.” I couldn’t see Rachel’s face, but her voice was severe enough to make me feel uncomfortable. “That room is not to be touched, and just the fact that you climbed through so insolently makes me sick to my stomach.” She abruptly stood up and slammed the door in her wake before I could get in a word edgewise.

Stupid princess, acting all high and mighty getting upset. Every aspect of her life is a privilege, I thought to myself while dusting the shelves. In fact, I was getting so frustrated that it no longer seemed like a wise decision to be around easily breakable objects. “What a stupid brat.”

You don’t yet know what that room means to her, a voice inside my head said logically. Do you really have any right to judge when you know nothing about her?

The duster made a light cracking sound as I dropped it on the table. As I sat on Rachel’s bed in silence, Renault suddenly opened the door. “Collins, someone’s here to see you.”

My heart shot into my throat. How would they have known I was here? “Tell them I’m not here,” I replied stubbornly. “I don’t know or care who it is; as far as anyone knows besides you, I don’t work here.” But inwardly, a spark of hope fluttered in my chest. If my journey was just going to be washing and cleaning for a spoiled girl, perhaps it was for the best if I went home. Was I even good for anything after losing my magic? What was the point of trying to accomplish anything?

The manservant shook his head. “I’m afraid not. I mustn’t lie to upstanding members of society.”

Reluctantly, my feet dragged behind as I followed him. Corridors past corridors we walked. The stone stairs stretched down, framing the room below. At the two large double doors, a familiar figure stood idly. My mouth quirked into a scowl before I could control myself. Luther stood by the door, looking perfect as usual with his monocle and black hair.

He smiled when he saw me. “Ah, Leonard, there you are. Come over here.”

Not meeting his gaze, I dragged my feet slowly across the stone floor. “Luther,” I muttered, scowling even darker than before. No matter how kind he seemed, he would always be a bastard. No doubt my father must’ve requested he come find me. The thoughts of going home no longer went through my mind. Instead, indignant rage burned in my chest. If Luther of all people was going to be the one to take me home, I’d do everything in my power to stay.

The black-haired mage looked up at Renault. “Thank you for delivering my son-in-law. I’m afraid I’ll be taking him home now; his family’s quite missed him.”

“His name is Lennard and you cannot take him away,” a loud, squeaky voice shouted from across the room. Rachel rushed down the stairs, her dress almost tripping her. “He is bound to House Leviatan under contract,” she huffed, her cheeks rosy from exhaustion. “You do not have the authority to take him away from us.”

“That’s right,” I said, playing along with the lie. I could read, but I haven’t had any sort of paper shoved in my face since I arrived. However, the indignant anger from being caught by Luther of all people made me cling to the shaky hope of staying. “I signed a contract and I can’t leave until I pay off my debt.”

The sleazy man smiled. “Here, my house is quite wealthy. Just tell me the amount and I will cover it.”

“Um, he’s,” Rachel sputtered, struggling for something to say. “He owes us 1 million gold.”

Luther knit his brows. “Are you sure? What could he have done to owe you that much?”

“He broke a family heirloom,” Rachel shot back. “An antique vase.”

“Is that correct?” he asked, looking at Renault.

I held my breath, but at last the manservant nodded. “Yes, that is correct. Sir Lennard owes us 1 million gold.”

“Just gonna have to stay here until I pay it off,” I shrugged.

Luther was quiet, but he knew there wasn’t anything he could do. “Very well.” He bowed, flashing me a sympathetic smile. “I’ll inform Master Collins. I hope you do well, Leonard.”

As the door shut, I sighed. “Thanks.”

“It’s no problem. Besides, it’s time we had someone around to clean,” the princess sniffed.

A laugh forced its way from my mouth. “Very funny. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave soon. I still have a journey to get back to.”

“What are you talking about? You owe us 1 million gold, remember?”

“That was a lie and you know it,” I grumbled.

She winked. “I mean, if you don’t want to obey our agreement, we’ll be happy to escort you personally back to Langsport.”

You stupid wench. I was sullen as we walked up the stairs again. But my hands were tied. For now, I was stuck caring after some spoiled princess. One day I would find my magic, but until then I had to bide my time and wait

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