Tickets to Ukraine

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Memories never die

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017






It was a rainy November noon when Lily was going through her box of old pictures. She looked so old in all of those pictures; they looked as if they were taken yesterday.

“I’m still so young, but I’m already starting to forget so many things.” she said to herself.

As she clawed through the old photos, she saw herself with a peculiar man. He was about her age and was fairly handsome. Lily did not know who the young lad was, but as she stared into the photo, she caught herself blushing.

“Okay, I’m really starting to forget, but I’m happy I met whoever this guy is.” She said as she took the picture and kept it in her pocket. As she went through more and more of her old photos, she stopped to wipe the dust from her lap. She threw a gentle cough and stood up and went to get some tea. As she made it past the hallway, she started to stumble and fall. As she did, a strange woman of whom she never met came up to help her.

“Oh, you shouldn’t be out of your room. What is it that you need? I’ll go get it for you.” The strange lady said.

“I guess I wanted some tea…”Lily said in a descending voice.

“All, right. I’ll have it sent up to you in a minute. While I do that, why don’t you go back to your room, okay?’ The lady said.

She helped Lily get back to her room and went to the kitchen. As Lily shut the door behind her, she disregarded what had just happened and went back to her box of photos.

“I’m still so young, but I’m already starting to forget so many things. I didn’t even know we hired a maid." She giggled to herself and began digging through her box of pictures once again. As she went through each photograph, she saw something odd, something that threw her off. It was her in a wedding dress.

“I certainly don’t remember this.” she said as she started to reminisce happily of all the goofy things she would get into while she was in high school. But something went wrong, she couldn’t remember a thing. Any happy memory she wanted to bring up was vague and she was often unsure if it really happened or not.

“I’m still so young, but I’m already forgetting so many things. I even forgot that I was once a roudy little girl, I was.” She said as she went through more and more photos. As she did, she started to worry; she was seen in the same wedding dress together with the same man she saw before. She was confused. She kept on seeing pictures of her and the strange man together. Until she picked up a certain picture, it was her and the man, in an isle with a priest between them. Lily gasped. She never knew she was married. She stood up and walked around in circles for a bit. She went back to the box and scanned through more and more of the photos. She was with the very same man, in every one of the photos. Even ones where there was a child between them She was shocked, but also warmed at the same time. She then reached a photo where they were together in a dock. The man was wearing a sailor suite. Next to the picture were airline tickets.

Her sheer lack of memories shocked her so much that it scared her. She took all the photos and held them all tightly as she cried. Who is this man? Why can’t I remember anything? These were all questions Lily had for herself…

 As night time came, the strange lady she saw before helped put on her night gown. She was then laid to sleep and the strange lady left. As she left, Lily hopped out of bed and got the pictures. She did not know anymore when it was taken and who she was with, but for some reason was, she felt a strong emotional connection to them. She climbed back to bed and hugged the photos tight and clasped the tickets in her hand. She then fell to sleep with a strange happiness in her heart.

The next morning, the strange lady went in to wake Lily up, only, she wouldn’t wake up. The strange lady went up ran towards the door.

A few hours later, a doctor went to examine Lily’s cause of death. He then turned to the caretaker and asked her what had happened.

“She was fine. I even caught her trying to get some tea, and then I told her to back to her room. And all she did there was go through a box of photos.” I checked on her this morning and she seemed to have passed away peacefully” the caretaker replied.

“Well, at least she died that way…” the doctor spoke. “Might I ask who this man in the photos is?” The doctor asked.

“That’s Mister Andriy, Mrs. Lily’s husband. He died in the navy. Their daughter told me all about it the day Mrs. Lily came to the hospice.” The caretaker answered.

“…and these?’” the doctor asked as he pointed at the tickets Lily was clutching.

“I really don’t know, they look like airline tickets.” The caretaker said.

“It says Kiev, Ukraine” the doctor said.

“Oh yeah, Mister Andriy was Ukrainian.” The care taker suddenly remembered. She sat next to Lily.

“Oh, Mrs. Lily… Even in your illness, you’ll always remember him…”



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