The Adventures of Sarah Howard

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Girl named Sarah becomes a superhero from her friend's mysterious bottles

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



One day in Los Angeles, California lived a girl named Sarah Howard. Sarah went to her friend Melissa Robins's house. Melissa is a scientist, so of course when Sarah got to Melissa's  house she had to go to her lab! When Sarah went inside she saw tubes of green, purple, red, and black liquids. The black and red tubes were the most amusing to Sarah. " I have to try one of those!" She thought. "Melissa, can I touch one of those tube thingies?" Sarah said cheerfully. "Sure just make sure to be careful with the balck and red liquids I still haven't tested those two" Melissa said sternly. "But-" Melissa cut Sarah off "Dont touch them!" Melissa was now screaming. "Okay" Sarah sighed. Disregarding what Melissa said she took the tubes to the bathroom and she shut the door. Melissa was still downstairs though. "Hey where did those tubes go-" Melisssa got cut off by a weird sound 



"SARAHHHHHHHHH" Melissa yelled.


The End.

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