The Prince and the Maiden

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This poem was inspired by two biblical pieces: The story of King David and Bathsheba, and the Song of Solomon.

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



The Prince and the Maiden:


Prince Tharmas was strolling alone

Through the forest so fair,

When behold, he saw a young damsel

Combing her long dark hair.

His heart leapt within him as he watched her,

For she was as lovely as the sun.

Softly he spake thus to himself:

‘The beloved my soul desires,

Behold, yon maiden is the one.’


She looked and there did see him

Standing in the sunlight.

Quickly she gathered her skirts about her,

Through the woods she fled,

And soon was out of sight.

But the prince with all his heart pursued her,

Not once did he turn aside.

Until again he saw her,

And asked her to be his bride.


‘Dear prince,’ said the maiden Charis,

Her eyes brimmed with tears of woe,

‘Thou hast pledged thy love for me,

But alas, to another I am betrothed.

Now my heart is torn within my breast

For I perceive that thou art gentle and kind.

The man whom I am to wed is cruel,

No warmth in his heart can I find.’


Her head hung low as she bade farewell

To the one her soul adored.

She wept as she watched him turn and leave.

For she knew that he was truly her heart’s lord.

In the depths of despair she did pray

That soon would come the day

When to rescue her, he would return,

From this ‘lover’ who knew not the meaning of the word,

From whose mouth only lies and deceit were heard.

And within her heavy heart, though they were worlds apart,

Hope renewed began to burn.


Abandoned in a house of ill-repute,

In a far and distant land,

She came across a minstrel

Who performed with a gypsy band.

His eyes lit up when he saw her

And this song to her he did sing.

From the mouth of a complete stranger,

This message of love he did bring:


‘Fain would this humble man tell

Of a love that knows no end;

Of the joy of regained innocence;

Of fellowship with her prince and her friend.

O how could she leave behind

This love that forever endures?


And how can she walk away

From a lover so pure.

He says to thee:

‘Come away my beloved,

The winter is soon to depart.

And the season of my true love

Has come to capture thy heart.’’


O how could she have doubted him?

Why did she turn him away?

He would have given her his all,

But instead from his love she did stray.

She would rather believe the lies

Than embrace the truth.

He could, once more, restore to her

Her lost and wasted youth.


She did not even hesitate,

But to her lover’s palace she ran.

As her heart dreamt of the love they would share,

These words her heart within her sang:

‘I will join my beloved,

The winter is soon to depart.

Then shall the season of love and hope

Dawn again upon my lonely heart.’

© Copyright 2018 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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