Live With Us

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You may notice sometimes we are always forgetful. I have only added this for this day. :)

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



When you were there for us,

Happy hours we felt cares my heart,

Come back and bring this smile for us,

Bring back and say you will be always loved here,

Live with us and un-break my heart,

May you know trials of this life is not our enemy,

Love this and hold your message without emptiness here,

Today dont leave me out without an example,

Say you will never walk out of this door and follow its cries,

This time send all the way life thanks your belonging here,

I had a job last night,

Life is again made for this bond,

Some peace wishes said you be its footsteps here,

When I fall never pulled away from these surprises,

For you do this unbreakable in a time whatever may happen here,

All we went through is not Gods mistake,

When you stop us near and I miss you like a day dream here,

For your promise has bonded us here unforgettable,

Say whatever may happen but God will be together as your guardian,

Let us not be afraid as whatever will happen is for good,

Dont let this go up against our spirit,

Today is not the end of the world,

And never will be so,

Never before someone seperable be so unforgettable,

Until you fall in hope forever,

For you may not create a restless world,

The world give our heart as a promise for your never ending gestures,

You may not miss those winners around us not again,

I see kindness shinning hoping you will start a story lived again here,

Here everyday memories touch deep within a longest day God ever lived,

Let us hold on seeing you believing this will be what we waited for,

If we never be everlasting in time,

For much we care live with us,

Meet us so young see life special,

So will be this voice I feels its gratitude knows us so godly,

You said all will return so soon,

Now come live with us in our days here,

Every time you never go away,

Will your greatness keep us hoping in all valuables we enjoy here ?

Yet you are so unforgettable,

May you free this life unseen knows that heaven will be your story here,

All we cherish in this silent beauty is your dreams,

More life tells us this be its footsteps here,

I hope your eternal promise will make our days always loved for this thanksgiving spirit,

For one God knew who was right,

Yet silent valley before our savior never questioned this night,

As light near our remaking here,

Always hold your story as love may live with us Gods grace we seek here...

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