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A short story written by Imaginarium House member, Hullabaloo22. You can find her profile and portfolio at


Chapter 24 (v.1) - Shadow Show

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017



Shadow Show.


It is such a pleasant day, not too hot but sunny. The sky is clear and blue. It strikes me as a shame to stay indoors when it’s so nice outside. It’s cool indoors, I would probably feel much warmer if I was out in the open.


The ground will be dry. I’ll just pull my sneakers on, put a hoodie on over the top of my t shirt, open the door and head off into the fields. It is very quiet and calm, the silence is only broken by the sound of distant traffic and birdsong.


Something moves in front of me and for a second I freeze, startled. It is a rabbit, just a silly scared rabbit. Feeling rather foolish I set off again, up a slight rise. It must be around midday, not far off it anyway.


The further I move away from the house the stranger I feel. I can sense eyes turned towards me but there is no one here. I am the only person in the field. I must be imagining it! Or perhaps it’s a fox, watching from the cover of the hedges, too afraid of me to let itself be seen.


I carry on walking, not wanting to be put off by what must be nothing more than an over-active imagination. There is something wrong, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The sun is now high overhead and it is because of that fact that I realise what it is that is out of place.


Shadows! Or rather, my shadow to be precise. I shouldn’t have one, or not much of one anyway, and yet there is one clearly showing on the ground to my left. Just one of those oddities of nature, I tell myself; nothing to be concerned about.


But now I have noticed it’s presence I can no longer ignore it but keep finding my eyes being drawn back towards it. And is it my imagination or is it really getting bigger with each step I take?


By the time I reach the top of the hill the shadow is towering out to my side. I can’t help but feel a bit scared. It is so strange but where I have stopped has given the shadow a face. Two single flowers are growing in exactly the right position to be eyes, one for a nose. Dandelions, that’s all they are! There are another few flowers, daisies, growing together in a curving line that make an evil looking smile.


The sensation of fear that crawls its way up my spine leads me to think that I will abandon my walk. It might be stupid, childish, but I’m going to turn back round and head off back home.


I turn and face back down the hill, my house just visible in the distance. Strange that the shadow hasn’t turned with me. Stranger still that it seems to be moving with no relation to my own movements. It’s arms are quite clearly beginning to reach towards me even though my own arms are held rigidly at my side.


I go to take a step, then another, but my feet don’t seem to be obeying me. I look down and there is no sign of my sneakers. They have been covered up by an oily looking, swirling darkness. And it is creeping further up my legs as each second ticks past. Halfway up to my knees then over them!


I shout out, maybe hoping that this is nothing more than a bad dream, that the action of shouting will sever the nightmares hold over me. I don’t wake up though and my legs are now almost entirely covered in thick shadow. It is as though I am being swallowed up, slowly devoured.


I’m struggling now, thrashing around and screaming. But whatever I do it has no impression on the shadows advance. Every part of me below my waist has now disappeared. I look to my left again and even in my panic I can see that leering grin that has formed in the grass.


My arms won’t move any more. My legs have long been stilled. It has got me in its clutches and is not letting go. My neck now, I can feel it on my skin, tilt my chin upwards, try to stretch my neck. But it is no good. Already the blackness has reached my chin.


I firmly clamp my jaw together but it seems to squirm its way in between my lips anyhow. I can feel it making its meandering way down my throat, into my nostrils suffocating me. Just a few seconds of total panic and then I will exist no more.

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