This Generation

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An article about society in this generation. What needs to be said. What needs to be changed. I want to thank anyone that reads this as I feel it is an important topic. I'll only ask for a few
minutes of your time.

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



Our Generation


Our generation is messed up. It's disappointing. Advice is misleading, body images are dishonest. "You're eating that? God you're so fat." 

"Why aren't you eating? You're like anorexic or something."


Everything is a competition. Who's got a better body, who is smarter, who is prettier... 


They say you should be who you are, but when you finally embrace yourself and all of your imperfections, you get laughed at and told to change. 


I don't even trust social media anymore. I look at photos and they all seem to be photoshopped into skinny bodies, desirable tanned skin and unrealistically perfect skin. I have respect for those who can be confident with and without makeup. 


What has happened? We happen to be an unlucky generation.


Mental health is stigmatised and laughed at. The people who don't understand depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. We need to be educated on this. People with mental health disorders aren't 'attention seekers' or 'crazy'. They are people who are going to make it, they just need support. Mental illness is a struggle and as a community we need to come together and help conquer the stigma around it.


School is a struggle too. We are truly blessed to have an education that is free but sometimes it can be like hell. Targets? They are unrealistic and the pressure is astonishing. Stop telling children they need to retake tests because 'they clearly didn't try'. Fair enough some people don't but if someone tries and fails, that's the last thing they want to hear. Notice the keyword? They tried. That's all you can do. 


Society is messed up. It's clearly damaged, the sad thing is, we are society.


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