The 3 Things

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story about three things he could never tell his wife.

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



The 3 things


There are three things he could never speak out loud to her. She could never know that he saw her that night, that he saw her ruin their marriage in a dingy hotel room with a man that was nothing but a fool. Now she can never know that he still loves her, for her to know that would create a weakness for him. Men can never show weakness they say, men can never display emotion in the light of day. So he sits there, in the stuffy room filled with him, his wife, and their divorce lawyers. Facing her while his heart was splintering in his chest, shards flying and hitting his lungs, making it harder and harder to breathe. They sit here now because he brought them there. He is the one that asked for this divorce, she has no idea what he knows and what he’s seen, but yet she never asked “why?” Never even hinted to the fact that she didn’t want this to happen, she sits here now with her shoulders back and a blank expression on her face. Rage spiked up his spin, how could she not care? How could she do this to him? Why wasn’t she happy? Firing through his blood and seeping out his pores was pure anger. He welcomed it, let it in and claimed it as a friend. A smile cracked over his face. Now there is one more thing she can never know. She can never know that after today he was going to be wreaked, but after that, after the wreckage, he was going to be fine.

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