The Haunted School

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a school that is haunted

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



A new High school was just built it was beautiful with a swimming pool out side.and a huge football stadium.  all the teachers and princible was out side to cut the ribbon for the first day of school.  all the students was line up to go in side.Betty and her friend Sue was so excited.  betty was a cheerleader from her old school.she had to try out all over again.  Betty told her friend sue that she was going to talk with the cheerleader coach.  sue told her she would meet after class.  as betty was walking down the empty hall way she heard a moan it was getting louder as she turn around a black mist enter her body with a force and took control of her. she started walking strange with a daze look.  the custodian of the school was cleaning the hall while classes was going on.  betty under a spell walked up to the custodian and in a evil look twisted his head around and pluck out his eyes.   as class let out the hall ways was full of students ,  when they saw the mangle body they ran for the door.  the police was called and the school was shut down for a week.betty was back to her old self ,she did not remember any thing.  when the school reopen the black mist came back and target the football coach. the coach headed toward the men bath room and found two boys smoking in side. the boys said they was sorry and tried to leave but the coach caught them and twisted there heads and pluck out there eyes like the custodian. when the mist left the coach body he was in shock of what he saw. he never thought he was the one that killed the boys .he remember nothing at all.  the school decided to close untill the crime is solved.  months went by and no one was caught.the school closed for good to stop the killings.   one night students decided to have a big party at the school on Halloween night . they got food and beer and snook in to the school.  that night a storm came out of no where strong wind and lightning. as the music blast the lights started to flicker then a black mist cover the room blood and death was every one could escape.  when it was all over a huge lightning bolt hit the school and burn it to the ground.  when the fire fighters got there nothing was left but the kids ashes .and the cause of death was fire. but it was evil that killed the kids. what they dont no is that the school was built over a grave that belong to a witch that was burn to the stake hundreds of years a go.  she cast a spell before her death that any building put up over her grave will die a horrible death.  two years later another school was going to be built in the same area if they only new.the end

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