Tribute to Heroes/Heroines We Torture in the Fictional World

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A tribute of sorts to all the dystopian, horror, tragedy, and even fantasy heroes/heroines out there who are abused in the fictional world for our amusement. This is an alternate universe for them,
just for a day.

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



Meant to be a joke, but has a sad ring to it instead. Like my life :') 



In another world, there’ll be me and you, no end in sight so to speak,

Where the sky is blue and the birds sing too, and our happy ending’s complete,

But sad to say that not the way our story has unfold,

Where day by day we- Well, I’d rather let it go.


So maybe just today,

I’ll choose to see the blackened streets along filled with roses instead,

All the doom and gloom are just nightmares I’ve had,

Now I’m waking to you,

And I’ll count the blessing I’ve never had on my fingers and toes,

Cause maybe just today, our lives matter more.


In another life so out of reach, we’ll be standing on a beach,

We’ll own a car and it won’t be bizarre if you’re a pilot,

And I teach,

But sad to say that scars don’t fade even in my daydream state,

So even if I’m not okay there’s a little time to say,


Even if I wake in the morning,

And the shadows of my sins keep growing,

I’ll hold on to this moment with you.

Even if sleep is a stranger,

And the God knows our lives are in danger,

I’m holding on this moment with you.

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