Should Youtube Change?

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Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



By A Fellow Watcher

Probably in the last three weeks or so your favoriate Youtuber has made a video about Youtube’s broken system about content and censoring videos. But should they really fix their system? Lets go over the reasons why and why not.

-The Origin-

This whole thing was brought up by the good people of England, claiming youtube videos a gateway to terrorist propaganda, so thus starting the community guidelines(which was a thing back in 2015) now further going on the situation, the best known advertisers seen this issue and decided to decline their ads on videos, thus shorting the content creators pay about 2 dollars a day or even 50 cents.

Sarah Wjowinski the current CEO of Youtube is in a endless controversial choice about declining the yellow marker which means ‘Limited or no Ads’ while it should be bright green which means ‘You are making money off of these videos’ Should be taken down and pay the content creators? Now lets go to which youtubers has has been effected.

Already all of the anime channels have been hit one way or another, Chibi Reviews made a whole 3 minute video crying his eyes out saying he is only making 2 dollars a day from Youtube. Mah boy The Anime Man made a video about how his entire channel or most of his channel got hit by the yellow marker, making him forced to do Twitch Live Streams or do a Pateron which is the last resort for Content Creators. Lost Pause another anime channel got hit numerous times, but he tried to get manual review, and got SOME of his videos back. Not all though. Going back to the Anime Man he actually said on camera that: He is not gonna change how he does his video, he can swear all he wants and he literally low key said ‘Come and Play Youtube, Let us play this endless game of Cat and Mouse and lets see who overall wins’ which is a damn good comeback to a broken system.


Okay we do know on the Anime Man’s video that the person or THING who is choosing these videos, is not even a real human, it is a online robot designed to spot the smallest of things that relates to ‘Hateful Language’ and ‘Sexual Content’ which this thing has broken a lot of Content Creators income to 2 or 1 Dollar a day. I do have to give props to GTLive and Game Theorists for changing their live streams and videos to fit with the kidish line, but come on, once in a grand while they will make a adult video once in a while, it’s human nature to rebel at some point.


Well it’s pretty fucking obvious why, to make people happy with their lives and not have to sweat their ass off because they accidently said a bad word, and be on the edge of their damn seat about sexual content or even suggestive language. This will also help people who are JUST starting youtube who are looking for a pay, but soon they will see ‘they will get zero or no ads on their videos’ because youtube. Also this will not make all the content creators loose their shit on their videos and make hurtful comments to Youtube and make jokes about it. Also I know how this terroist made the English shit their pants, but they are going this far to make our lives fucking suck. Go back and fap to the queen doing her speech and leave us alone.

Why Not?

Well overall Youtube is not everyone’s pet it is California’s pet and their bitch, the content creators is simply the food that is giving to the pet dog that is Youtube. Some of that food will strike a good spot in the dog’s stomach and make them shine their grace on it, but for the people who taste like shit and does’nt make him happy, then gives them the ‘No Ads’ shitstain on their channel. So I am saying, it is their website and their service, yes but they have to take in consideration about THE PEOPLE on that service, because right now they are only thinking about THEMSELVES and the fucking advertisements for their money. Youtube right now is being a spoiled little brat who didn’t get a candy bar that they wanted. So they are using their anger out on the content creators because of shortage of money.

Overall Plan

Youtube should really get their shit together and become like Twitch where you can do pratically what you want, and not be baggered by a little word like Fuck and Shit. We all do that, that what makes us human and not a robot. That is what Youtube is creating Content Creators their own personal robot slave, that they control. If the British didn’t have to fuck over the advertisements then this shit wouldn’t be going on! Overall….youtube should really think very hard about what they are doing right now, and consider their own content creators rather than themselves. Parents are another massive hassle in all of this, parents now in days are like Jesus good little children who want to protect children from hateful stuff, but hey reality check. They may already be doing that stuff, go to Youtube Kids. I think content creators should be praised rather than shit on like some dead fish on a log. That is my opinion and possibly everyone else on the website. Please support these fine channels below.

























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