Fade to White: Origins

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Here's a little part from book II. I haven't had time to polish it, so when I get to it, it'll be much better

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Excerpt from Book II

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



A voice echoes throughout the main hall as the figure finally made its appearance, “Well then...” Full monochrome battle armor was what the male wore, the helmet tucked away in his arm. His hair was short and black,  seeming to be blacker than the dark corridor he appeared from. His skin was pale, almost white, his eyes a light yellow, the color of them so bright that they almost appear to glow. On his head rested two long horns, as black as his hair. At his back, standing out due to the drastic color change from the rest of the male’s appearance, a spear of silver and gold with the base of the spear’s blade curving outward in two directions, the main blade itself the length of the male’s head, slightly barbed and golden with the edge of the blade being made of silver.


He stepped out of the shadows and brought a menacing presence with him, “You know.. I'm flattered you know oh so much about me, Fledgling vampire..” His voice was smooth and calm, but his voice only seemed to add to the pressure felt in the room. Alucard paled at the sight and sound of the male, shaking out of fear of his presence, stuttering out, “Y-you’re..”


Lycana looked at the new male and the frightened Alucard, her eyes widening as the connection was made, as she spoke up, “So you're Beelzebub?” Her hand grasped the handle of the Hammer of Thor at her back, “So, you're the bastard who did this...” The male, revealed as Beelzebub, simply laughed to himself, not moving an inch to prepare himself for an attack, and spoke once more, “So.. it appears the great Hammer of Thor found a new unfortunate soul to be it's wielder. Such a shame. This one won't even last as long as the first if they're going to challenge me!” Lycana, visibly angered by his remark, leapt into the air and pulled Mjolnir from behind her, sparks flying as it moves through the air and towards its target. Beelzebub did nothing to fight back, he stood with a challenging smirk on his face as he watched her swing the hammer upon him, raising his right arm once she got close enough. The male's hand and her hammer made contact, denoted by a surge of electricity filling the room, leaving sparks flickering from his hand. Meanwhile, the sheer force of the landing and her added strength caused the male to form a crater underneath him, but he still stood strong. Something moved in the corner of her eye, as she moved her eyes to look, she saw a shiny, black fist moving towards, and now striking her face, sending her flying far across the main hall of the Castle Hall. Her hand still gripped Mjolnir until she hit a pillar, and proceeded to continue on with her flight a very short distance before tumbling into the wall. Alucard and Shirou ducked as Mjolnir spun overhead and landed on the ground, sparking a bit as it landed, leaving a flickering trail of electricity as it slid. Shirou looked up at the now-rising Lycana, her eyes burning with rage as she prepares to charge again, raising her arm to her side, her hand opened as if to call to her weapon. The hammer responded, flying into her hand as she gripped the handle, placing her other hand on the handle as it gripped it as well. She yelled out in complete rage and ran toward Beelzebub. He welcomed her charge this time however as Beelzebub drew Gungnir and prepared to strike her down as he rushes toward her. The two were moments away from striking each other until an arrow flew between the two, grazing Beelzebub's cheek and leaving him with a somewhat startled expression. Alucard summoned another arrow, glowing white. He let out a shaky breath before speaking, “You were lucky. Next shot I fire will enter your head.” Beelzebub growled with rage as he turned his attention to Alucard, “You… YOU!”, He ran toward Alucard, grasping the golden spear with both hands.


“Beelzebub. Stand down.” said an unknown voice, as Beelzebub screeches to a halt, right before he was able to attack, with a quiet and angered growl. His spear was mere inches from Alucard's face, who had an arrow drawn and ready to fire into his neck.


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