Nothing About Ghost

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Only the ways that may help our destiny is not within. We need respect for this unchanging discipline. Let all the way your life experience this magic may be our gift. For you are our world's best
lover of a hope giving devotion. May you embrace this change always here. :)

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



For no man himself is a Ghost,

No toast came quietly what was not a voice of one drink,

This uninvited journey I made so fragrant like prancing our blessing,

Around what you call it as fate,

Uncertain wayside in our loneliness was born too late,

But those ancient legs our warriors of iron clothing kept on drinking this forsaken birds harvest,

With all the blind magnificence raised our Ghost story streaked in the town out a call for help,

These last word wavered too much in time behind this fiction without knowing it sometimes,

A bird of our times laughed and its wings flashed as they were good to us,

So I said,

I could see twilight why this nearness never be the changing characters injured in the shade,

To this old heart I proposed ,

Are you are in some trivial rememberance through cold and fire till the end is uncaught ?

A true story you have read for the longest contempt of innocence,

God blessed you in the willingness Jesus thanked I shouldnt have gone far for this answer,

Those extremities had an impervious uprest all my childhood limped in ignorance,

Never mind down I humored reserves on those infrequent smiles,

Also I thought,

Are you making mockery of a few things that you could see while it passes and I dare say,

I thank the patronage the way these old man think you can live with us,

Upon the world the stillness within showed the mightiness of the living spirit,

Some Angels and Demons caught the glimpse of a good life beyond the street unravelled I was so young,

In old clothes three worlds shines the uncomfortable habit of a quite light,

And ages comming ahead will know them as the shadow for the delight behind the stars lived here,

May coming home again was a friend of mine,

So I lay dreaming what least when we still smoke in stillness over everything,

Live to see clearly and the sunshine lights for the day will come,

A glory for the world Lord has given us,

What a blessed world the flame foam with three world to palpitate as time approached,

For who opened the book of secrets,

Though the sounds of life that we bear is so young have many heroies,

With the three worlds in it,

To have a silence of the loved and well-forgotten dreams,

We laid its hand beyond boundary hushed in gratefulness,

We walked together where sunset hovers as if last of days before the final fall,

We are far now from all the bannered legions of the sun,

All wars stop near the golden apple gives us and harness the promises unkept to keep,

This deception always is lovely, dark and deep in some mistakes before I sleep must think it will queer again,

And smiles ahead what good is miles so last haying,

I cant afford to pay when any help is scarce,

One day when someone else sat musing on the lamp falme at the end of time,

Looks like the character is already worn out,

And gave us the barn door fast asleep,

But why to ditch the meadow for us?

Time just wanted to know,

Under pasture I wish you could have heard the way I stopped to look,

My life smoking kept our travel set a miserable sight for our planet,

I didnt recognize anything waiting I know just how it feels,

They thought if you could have another chance,

To learn from us how to build new beginning wanted to go over it for future reference,

There never be any unheard tenderness that will leave you this time when you have to go out there,

Until I wanted for God only a simple dependency,

So now and never be a time unborn for any difference,

"Home" a stranger to us hounded us the place where, when you have to go there;

They have taken you here to deserve a wonder what's a small sailing surprise on how much is Gods plan here,

Yesterday angels make a common table carried itself like nothing about ghost headboard here,

Today this mirror perplex behind the barrier of our service to serve love,

Yet they will never be back into the cellar where anyone could be here,

And all but not lost wanted to put through and see it as a story never ending,

It wasn't anyone who could be there,

I wanted to ask the oracle why to get to the edge before the rise,

This waiting for things to happen asked us a favor,

To wonder I am fainted through them, told oracle,

I wanted nothing halted helpless when things change under the sunshine,

This call told us to wonder about your loved epic here,

You have the maker of this destiny within and experience around us,

Let us put out the light and see what need to be done here,

Always may life gift you this promise to shine gifted here,

May Almighty give us grants to fulfill this fullest lifeline for all...

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