The Runaway

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about a girl that is afraid of relationships.

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



The Run Away


Trapped inside a mind that has no idea what it wants. Reading and seeing these spectacular romances play out, wishing you could have what they have and hoping one day you will. But the other half of you pulling away from anything that could mean to much, fighting against the thought of ‘Relationships’. The mind not being able to comprehend the word or what it means. Do you give this person all of you? Are you now a part of them, making yourself part of them in return? Do you lose yourself in them, losing who you are as a person? In a relationship you should now think about this other person’s feelings, how does that work? So many questions but no true answers. How does a person play with uncertainty like that, never knowing what’s around the corner? But still you want it, even as the thought of it brings a spike of fear up your spine. They say love is magical. Magic can be cruel, people play with it and use it as a weapon. Is that how love is? Manipulative and dangerous. I run away from anything with meaning. Meaning is too much pressure, too much to think about. Its responsibility. I am the run away.

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