real learning happens outside the classroom

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Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017





Earth is a canvas for learning. Each time you step outside, through every new person you encounter and every new country you visit, learning is occurring. It is unacceptable how schools have brainwashed our students to believe that learning only takes place within the confines of school buildings.


The reformer of education-Albert Einstein said -Imagination is more important than knowledge gaining .School education cannot be completely ignored as it provides a basic idea and it lets the student to taste the essence of  various subjects. But Education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It doesn’t just happen when you’re trying to remember which is x and which is y or who the King of England was in 1566. It happens in the unrecorded and un-memorized moments in the corridors. It happens by doing things, observing facts by yourself and doesn’t happen when it is preached by someone. We have to build upon the ideas taught to us and create a beautiful mansion of ideas derived from your basics and that can happen only in the outside world. . We need to build upon our basics and surf in the KnowItALl Google to learn more. Real learning happens through observations and curiosities. Let go of the old proverb-Curiosity doesnt kill a cat. The students have been grabbed by the necks and tossed into a classroom to sit for seven hours and are expected to learn. If students are not prepared mentally and physically to interact with the environment around them and actually learn from them, then it is like sending a bunch of fish into a tank full of sharks, they won’t survive. Surviving in the real world is the real test of life.


Students who are physically and mentally present in the world will gain more knowledge and be able to easily adapt to the changes within this world and succeed. Real learning happens in the smallest unimaginable ways. Some things cannot be understood even after hours of lecture but after a single experience.

Todays education system is transforming students to machines and making them blindly follow the path travelled by everyone. No school can teach a person to think practically. Exams and homeworks to memorize lessons has made the children fall into a boring schedule.  


Just following the school lessons is not going to help .Real learning happens through experiences in the outside world. Problem solving decision making, mistakes and experiences in the world behind the walls of the classroom contributes to real learning. The neat little box that the society tries to put teaching in often strips away all the creativity from the little brains. Thus I conclude saying that it is always the best to learn without limits because we are free birds wating to light up our generation.

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