Wait Your Return

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Reminiscences reflected in the mirror of life...

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



Around the turn of the sleepy obscure lane
The last memoirs of a love insane,
Rest in solitude the letters haphazard,
You murmured ‘I love you’ and all souls heard,
The pensive chimes bring back moments in turn,
Even for leaving me again, I will wait your return.

Writing my lines aside a smoky window pane
My world soaked in the first clatter of rain,
The unsung bushy violet peeps in vain,
Its presence the world forgets in utter disdain,
The endless way from my doorstep to oblivion,
Even for the grief of it, I will wait your return.

The trail of moments that ticks your presence 
Yours own, ours own love in essence,
I feel you around me in the air so thin,
Barely holding me in your arms within,
The fading lights in an evening so worn.
My window panes against the crimson sun,
Even for the sake of it, I will wait your return.

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