The Age Of Surreal

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The new dark ages?

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017




Things I never thought I'd see have come to be

The end is in sight for our democracy


Black is now white, back is front, and is up is down,

if you believe our commander-in-chief clown


He's telling us not to believe our lying eyes,

because he knows best, the rest are just lies


It's The Age Of Surreal, The Age Of Doubt

The ultimate test of our resilience, or it's over and out


I've heard people say it's been this way before,

and our democracy's still here, solid to the core


While that's true, this feels like a whole different ball game,

never before have we dealt with his like, the blame


game; nothing's ever his fault, lashing out at the drop of a hat,

the misguided masses fall slowly to nothing, while the rich get fat


The pillars of our democracy are under cynical attack,

freedom of speech, the press, are down, not sure they'll come back


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