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enjoyed your school life haven't you? come relive those memories

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



You think you’ve walked miles..on this journey called life.
And then the music playing in the tiny shop on the curb, the colour of that tiny tot’s school bag, that narrow alley and those trees, and you’re back.
You had never left in the first place.
I still remember the awe I felt the first time i was promoted from the LKG to the UKG. Forming that line, holding each other’s shoulders we made it to the ‘big class’. It seemed so huge.
And then 5 years down the line the unthinkable happened.
We got to wear long pants at school. and those ink pens!
You couldn’t just erase a mistake you made in your notes anymore! What a responsibility.

That class 5 child and his world.

i do believe that the best friends I’ve had throughout life have been the one’s at school. They had no agendas. They liked you just because they did, because you once shared tiffins, or were on the school bus together and saved her a seat.

How I would love to be innocent again, believe again, in the wonders of the world, to be home.
And then we decided to do something about it.

Break that monotony in your lives and come back home. Those good old days, our beautiful little school and that feeling inside your heart.
Come relive that feeing, rediscover that happiness.


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