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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Masks are everyone' s protections. They keep the weak part of you safe and sound. It keeps others from knowing you and everything you do. A mask is a protection for both me and you. But can a
façade work both ways?

You say that you don’t like me,

Well I don’t like me either.


You say that my stupid endeavors are irritating.

That the seemingly happiness and laughter I bring to others is unnecessary


Tell me, have you seen beneath their mask?

Do you know what life they live?


I do not say that I do know what pain they carry,

Nor do I say that I live through their lives every day.


However, I know the depth of darkness and deceit,

The intolerable voice right within me.


This emptiness is filled with sorrow and defeat.

A façade that no one else can see.


When my annoying antics bring laughter and happiness,

For at least one second that pain is no longer there.


If for a moment I can give that to someone else,

I can stop them from becoming me.


Nonetheless, you do not like me.

And I do not like me either.


I know and understand every action I do.

I know how annoying and ridiculous I come out to.


Everything I do has always been for you.

So in this world, you do not become like me.


Words are harsh, but the mind is wicked.

You have never been my enemy.


I love you and will continue to.

But what can I say about myself.


You may not like me.

But I don’t like me either.


That is why, if I can keep up this façade of this smiling, carefree me,

The clown of the town for others to see.


You will never have to become me.

Twisted and broken inside.


A constant rambling of nothingness throughout your time.

A waste of energy without moving for a dime.


I am my own enemy.

I am my own hate.


And you say don’t like me.

Well, I can’t find a way of liking me.

Submitted: October 02, 2017

© Copyright 2022 UhyoKage. All rights reserved.

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