The Key: A Thoughtful Riddle

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Submitted: October 18, 2017

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The Key: My take on The Secret Garden

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I found my key the other day:

it swang occasionally to the slight breeze,

moving this way and that as if to an invisible chord

that only those part of this natural paradise that enthralled

me so could sing umong themselves.

What the key opens, I shan't tell.

That is for you, yourself, to decide.


But this I will say: it made the bluebirds fly and the black crows cry.

It made children laugh and made elderly men daft.

It made the most vile of men smile( what it opened certainly made me smile and stay awhile). Before yesterday, my imagination wasn't soaring,...

with possibilities of reality changed and turned to my demise,

no longer can I believe my eyes;

in my mind no one ever dies.

A key, you know, can change a life.

The die have been thrown; no longer do I my life own.

My mind is elswhere

Up in the clouds

I feel not a bit aroused

The noise around me is from elsewhere

For I know that my mind is no longer here.

© Copyright 2018 Sophia C.H. Stella. All rights reserved.

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