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falling: the last unpublished collection of lydia adams. “he speaks of wishes and wisps and whispers and the bluebells that aren’t really bluebells -they only hide the smallest wishes until someone
picks them- and how when the girl picks them, they all glow like freed stars. he tells her about the girl, who, though terrified, decides to find a friend and meets a thief in the markets. he
weaves a tale of regret, longing, and tragedy, but the happy bits are what makes her shiver. when he is finished, she is still staring out the window. he doesn’t move until she does. sarah takes a
shaky breath, and it seems like the first real thing she’s done in years.” --escaping stars (originally called fia's anthology)

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The Girl In the Airport

Submitted: October 02, 2017

Jacob Grey is on his way out of the country when he sees an old friend in the airport.
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