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First work on this sight, so let's see how this goes...

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick... It's the sound everyone is used to, it's the sound everyone hears. It's the year 4127 and everyone walks around with a timer attached to their wrist that counts down
to the exact second you will meet your soul mate, you can't take it off, it's illegal to cover them, and they're unbreakable. You're stuck with them and that's that. The timers have never been off,
have never been wrong, have never been a single second late, so everyone either worships or hates the timers. What happens when two destined soul mates are nothing alike, one fiery and determined,
the other apathetic and bored, will this be the first time in history the timers were wrong?

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Chapter 1

Submitted: October 02, 2017

"Natalia, Natalia!" Natailia set her food down annoyed and looked over at Cassidy.  "Yes, Cassidy, what is it? Why must you inte... Read Chapter