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“Fucking creep!” Someone across the street yelled from the darkness. I was so lost in her skin that I didn’t hear it and instead decided to rush inside, eagerly licking my lips and dropping my
warm cigarette to the sidewalk.

I'm a new writer so I'm sorry if its not the best writing. I'm posting this thing to get better at writing in general, so it'd be great if you could leave some feedback! I'm new to this so if I
uploaded this wrong or did tags wrong let me know! Thank you.

Submitted: October 02, 2017

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



Saxophone jazz and chatter from inside creepily faded into the dark streets. I was lurking outside the bar and quickly pacing back and forth against the window. I looked up and down the empty and dark street before quickly pausing to stare into the bar window. The room glowed between the broken blinds. I searched carefully, standing on my toes to see the full expanse of the room. People were dancing against each other, laughing and spilling drinks. Everyone orbited around a band in the middle of the room, as they swung their instruments creating sultry jazz. My eyes landed on a girl sitting alone, her body almost entirely eclipsed by shadows and creepy red glows. I stole looks, my wet eyes tracing down her body and through her shining hair, hypnotized by the lights trailing across her glowing skin. I chewed harder at the soggy toothpick I held in my lips. Suddenly, I saw a pair of shadows cross the window towards the door and instantly I turned my back and leaned against the window, reaching for a box of camels in my jean pocket. The bar door shuddered open and jazz escaped into the streets until the door crashed shut behind them. A laughing couple stumbled out of the darkness and into the flickering streetlight. From the shadows, I watched them closely, bringing a dry cigarette to my lips. I flicked a lighter and cuffed a hand around the flame. With a sizzle, the orange flame weakly illuminated my hungry eyes as they followed the drunken couple down the street. The cigarette hissed when it met the flame, and I inhaled until my lungs felt warm. I leaned my head against the window and dropped the cig to my side as I continued to stalk the couple, now almost a block away. I exhaled the smoke slowly and my body slumped, almost drooling when they finally disappeared around a corner. I turned back to the window, my head in a cloud of thin smoke. My eyes fell back on the girl and her fishnets that stretched down her thin legs. My hand slowly raised to press against the glass and my mouth salivated as I watched her kick her heels gently below the bar table she sat at.
“Fucking creep!” Someone across the street yelled from the darkness. I was so lost in her skin that I didn’t hear it and instead decided to rush inside, eagerly licking my lips and dropping my warm cigarette to the sidewalk.
Inside the bar, the crowd was loud, and the saxophone smudged all the noise together. I slithered through groups of people toward her, my fingers softly brushing against the wooden bar as I got closer. Unconsciously, I picked up an unattended, half empty glass and slid it along the bar with me until it met her. I awkwardly slid into the seat next to her and her eyes glittered when they met mine. Red lights struck half of her face and shadow concealed the rest of it. I slipped it in her drink while she was looking the other way, and in oblivion, she turned back and smiled at me, to which I laughed clumsily. Her eyes stared into mine as she raised the fizzing glass to her lips. I watched the liquid fall into her mouth and suddenly the jazz sounded so much louder, and her hair smelled so much stronger. She set down the glass and licked her lips. The crowd became louder and cigarette smoke reeked.

The engine hushed and the forest sounds became clearer. Tall trees shadowed above me against a dark blue, starless sky. The only light came from my tail lights, illuminating the smoke billowing below me from the exhaust of the car. With a click, the trunk pops, revealing her lifeless body and streaks of red. Messy hair covers the gashes in her cheeks, and her arms slouch across her torso strangely. Her fishnets are torn, and her heel is broken. Holding the trunk door with one hand, I look down at her still body for a few thin, expressionless seconds before suddenly collapsing. With one hand clutching my stomach I bend into the street, heaving until I vomit. Wiping my mouth with my sleeve, I slam shut the trunk. The tail lights slowly dim while I breathe in air rich of smoke, puke and wet moss. Sluggishly, I drag myself to the front of the car and pull open the door with heavy and dry breaths. The car lights up in response, and I slither into the front seat, reaching into the glove box. My hand clumsily rummages through, poking for an inhaler until finally I wrap my fingers around it. Shaking it lazily, I hold it to my mouth and press on the canister. I sigh and exhale before tossing the inhaler on the seat next to me. Yawning, I pull a hat over my heavy eyes and fold my arms. Eventually I fell asleep parked on the side of a desolate forest highway, with my date in the back and puke just outside my window.

The thought gave me goosebumps.

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