It's Not A Joke

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It might be a joke to you, but it's not a joke to the people who have to deal with it.

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



You think you’re getting better,

You’re having better days,

You think your betting this,

And you are.


But then your hanging with friends,

Your joking having a good time,

And then they decided to go too far,

They joke about what you’re going through.


They don’t know that what they just said,

It was a dagger to your heart,

That they made a joke out of something,

Something you have been fighting hard.


It makes you feel like shit,

And when you speak out,

They tell,

It was just a joke.


But it wasn’t just a joke,

Because it’s not a joke to you,

What you are going through,

It isn’t a joke.




Mental illness,

Any illness.


It’s not a fucking joke,

It’s not something they can make fun of,

Because they don’t know who that hurts,

They don’t know if it could be their friend.


They need to stop making it a joke,

Because it isn’t funny,

you’re not laughing,

 And it’s “not just a joke”.

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