No Escape

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In a struggle for power, Sophie finds herself trapped in the middle. Now she struggles to fight off the many evils she faces while attempting to find herself. Survival is key, but will she make it?

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



The blade hovers right by my neck and I feel him smirk behind me.

“What do you want?” I snarl, choosing to ignore my current position.

“I think we both know the answer to your question, darling,” he chuckles, drawing the edge closer to my esophagus.

And it’s true; I do know why I’m here, but I guess I want to hear it from his mouth only.

“You say it,” I spit, tensing up. I’m not sure how he’ll react to that, but it can’t be any good.

He lets some of the skin on my neck break, but nothing fatal. At the expense of my pride, I yelp in pain, yet I’m careful I don’t move.

“I brought you here for your long-awaited divine punishment my dear sister,” Sam, my older brother, whispers closely to my ear.

At first, my body and mind don’t respond to his words, but once they sink in, my survival instincts kick in. You see, those words strike fear into the soul of every man, woman, boy, and girl. The truth is, the world didn’t end in a bang or a whisper, but rather, one scream at a time. People like my brother are the ones responsible for those screams. They’re the ones chosen by our god; the ones given a so-called “divine power”. In the end, though, they killed 90% of the world’s population, sending us into an apocalypse.

“Sam, please don’t do this,” I beg, hoping for some sympathy in his heart.

He laughs, a sinister air surrounding him. I almost gasp in relief when he removes the blade away from my throat, but, to my confusion, he walks across the room into the darkness. As he reemerges, I can see in his hand is the hair of a girl around my age, 16 or 17 maybe. Once the rest of her is visible, I gasp and hold back tears of horror.

“Jules! Run! Please!” I yell in desperation.

She looks up at me, fear visible in her eyes and manages to choke out, “Our kingdom will live on in you, Sophie. We believe in you.”

Tears begin to fill my eyes. “Jules, I don’t deserve their faith or their loyalty. Please don’t give up. I need you.”

She simply stares back and gives no reply. Sam lifts a hand to her temple and closes his eyes, immersing himself in concentration. Right before the pain takes over, she gives me a sad smile. Then, the pain consumes her and her screams of agony fill the air. Finally, after a minute of pure torture, the light leaves her eyes, and a still surrounds me. Sobs wrack my body like an earthquake destroys a building. My best friend was just murdered before me and nobody's doing anything to attempt to revive her.


“I’m not ending anyone’s life. I am simply purifying those who have been influenced by Satan. My powers were given to me to cleanse this world from Satan. God gave me these powers. Besides I was ending her misery for the both of us,” he calmly states, as if he’s reciting a chant.

He lifts a hand to my head, sending a wave of agony, inducing me into a deep sleep.


I wake up to find myself in a cage of some sort, dangling over an abyss of darkness. I can’t recall my memories, but a moment later, they all come rushing back, flooding my thoughts. That’s right. He killed Julia right in front of me. Claimed he was “ending her misery for me”. What a lie. At the memory of Jules, I feel the comfort of my powers humming just underneath my skin. I run my fingers along the bars holding me in. The bars turn to dust before my eyes and form a bridge of some sort to the platform ahead. There awaits a door which could hold my escape.

This looks like freedom, but is it just a scam? Maybe it’s my execution. I sigh but continue onwards, yet just as I’m about to turn the handle, a decapitating pain starts on my shoulder and spreads to the rest of my body. Still, I’m able to turn around and punch Sam square in the jaw. He stumbles back, grimacing and clutching his face. A smug smile almost appears on my face, but I manage to keep it hidden.

“Listen, I don’t care that you’re my brother. While I did love you once upon a time, I grew up and saw you kill thousands upon thousands. After all, you’re the king and I’m a lowly peasant. It’s my job to overthrow you if I see you unfit for the crown!” I exclaim. “While you may have the powers of God, I’ve been chosen as the inheritor of Satan’s throne!”

He grins, menace in his eyes, and flips me onto my back. I yell out in pain, grab his leg, and drag him down with me. He lands on the ground, flips me on my back, and places a pair of electric handcuffs on me.

“Why?” I gasp out, just wishing for this to be over.

“It's just as you proclaimed earlier,” he says to me nonchalantly, “you're the inheritor of Satan’s throne, and we can't have that, now can we?”

With that, he sends his searing pain pulsing through my veins, putting me into a dreamless sleep.


I wake up unable to move, my nerves turned off. Instead of being in my cage, I'm in a room with walls made of a one-way viewing window. This must be the execution chamber. Huh, I expected something a bit more glamorous. Anyway, I’d probably be freaking out right now if I hadn’t been anticipating this moment my entire life. Sam saunters in, signaling the end for me and all the impact I've had on the free world. I try to move away from him, but it's to no avail. As he draws closer, my fear grows larger and larger, while my heart sinks deeper until it reaches the pit of my stomach. My long-dreaded fate is finally before me, but I'm in denial. Why can't I stop this? I don't want-  My thoughts are cut off by the blinding pain from Sam’s touch. My vision begins to blur when suddenly an explosion rocks the entire foundations of this building, killing almost everyone immediately. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.

As I take my final breaths I can't help, but think back on my decisions in this world. I know I've done the right thing at every opportunity. Even when I was offered the position of the queen on the high council of the divine warriors for my powers, I turned it down and formed my own counsel. It was one of Satan’s nobility, not God. Because while my brother was destined to be God, I was expected to be Satan’s princess. I've loved and protected which means, in the end, I did everything right.

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